Suggestions for Improving the LinkedIn tool

Hey guys,

New here. I’ve been doing LinkedIn automation for years now. As a company we make around $100k a month doing LinkedIn automation for clients. We’ve helped our clients close millions of dollars worth of deals on LinkedIn.

I used to be a really big Jarvee user, and recently came back to see what their updates were with LinkedIn Automation.

Been testing some new features of Jarvee and wanted to share some updates that would be great.

  1. The Add Connections from Emails tool is doing it wrong - What this tool is doing is forcing LinkedIn to email those people, letting them know I want to connect with them on LinkedIn. When instead, if this tool would upload emails to contacts, any emails that are connected to LinkedIn accounts will give you the option to send the connection requests in bulk (seriously I’ve sent up to 1500 connection requests at once). If it would send the connection request that way, the connection rate would be much higher.
  2. If the above tool was fixed then the ability to do searches, scrape profiles, and then move profiles WITH emails to the “add connection from Emails” tool and WITHOUT emails to the “connect” or the “contact” tool.
  3. Invite to Event Tool The Event Finder and Joiner tools are great, but what if I’m running my own event? LinkedIn limits you to sending 1000 event invites per week per attendees LinkedIn account. Why not have this automation so every day you don’t need to go in and manually select the next 50 or so people to invite to an event.
  4. LinkedIn Campaigns- Each tool is so separated, that they can’t run cohesively. What if there was the option to “send connection request”, and then build as many follow-up messages as possible once the connection request was accepted. Or once a connection request is accepted, go check if they accepted the connection request in 2 days, if not view their profile. If it is accepted, then it goes to the messaging sequences from there.

Improvements to current tools:

  1. The profile scraper tool doesn’t work well, I added a Sales Nav search, increased scroll time, but with just one search in their, each time it would find new accounts it would start all the way over at page 1. It would be better if this tool could choose how many pages of the search you want it to scrape from at once. (LinkedIn Sales Nav Searches are Max 2500 results anyways). Then be able to adjust the settings differently for how many of those profiles from their that it scrapes.

I think Jarvee has a lot of components that would allow it to be the best LinkedIn automation tool out there. But for me, these pieces here make a huge difference.


Thank you for there recommendations, will forward this to the devs and we’ll see what we can do.

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Happy to provide more insights into the process if you want me to. :slight_smile:

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Great Post!
I have a few things to Suggestions as well:

  1. Like & Comments - so far we can do likes&comments to specific posts only.

If you can add a feature to do likes to a specific group/page/account that would be great! that just will do the likes automatically exactly like Instagram.

  1. Search and connect- I think in general this tool not working well, the connector working fine, but the search and connect with a lot of bugs and issues, it sometimes just skips accounts and not send the connections, it’s stuck a lot of times and back to Linkedin Main page. I think that will be a great if you can improve it as well

Thank you very much Johnny, I’m +1 for both of them ofc @NisoKalizo @ADHDpreneur ,
how can we help you guys promote it and make Linkedin for Jarvee to be the best for Linkedin automation?
I think that most of the Jarvee users know it for IG but there is much more for Jarvee to offer and people can make much more $$ :slight_smile:

You can send your suggestions as a feature requests to their support. That is the faster way I think.

There’s so many restrictions on the number of connection requests now, this tool doesn’t matter to me too much. The bulk connection request via email tool on the other hand, allows a lot more connection requests to be sent.

Yes, please send them to us via email so we can forward them to the appropriate department. More requests for certain features get more chances of being implemented.