Supporting the Funniest Account - Who is in?


He reacted here to the likes, I am guessing he will start posting more pics the more likes will see.


Yeah it‘s exactly what the „raunchy bastard would say“ not a natural reaction. And it‘s not a Bad account such an Account could work easily with the right audience it’s affection Marketing and that alone works. Just Post your Face everyday People will Start liking you and think they know you. Guy is also telling a story and is funny. Also he knows a lil bit about Composition and color theory the pictures arent bad at all. They are just not processed.


But the captions. It‘s just too much :wink:


“Hey Giovanni, yesterday you have received a lot of love from IG people giving you 25k likes on a single post. How about interacting with us guys and make the wave even bigger? Come on “raunchy bastard” you can fckn do that…”

Giovannis response - " say something stupid i’ll still hurt your fucking feelings by looking at you

Responds with a change of pace:


As I said earlier… a hard nut to crack. BUT first change with Giovanni. He had no black and white pic before. But only viewed the first 8.000 pics :slight_smile: . So there is hope… Maybe once one of you NYC guys actually meet him in the diner he has a chance to open up for the real magic.


Btw you should target female 50+ barflies for this bastard


he posts random pic like this he was in the military as well not sure if in italy or US though.


Oooh haven’t seen this one. This one actually makes him more authentic… And he got 10 likes without us :slight_smile:


Hahaha “raunchy bastard” recognized the likes and even said “thank you”.

Now he is hungry for real followers. Who can get through to him and explain him that he needs to embrace serious interaction?


Ahahah this is so good


I love giovanni. that raunchy bastard :joy:


Good morning! Raunchy Bastard is up and having his daily morning coffee (yeah I’m a fanboy).


Strangely, Gio’s followers are going down not up???


yeah who wants to follow a “raunchy bastard” who posts 30 times a day and is not interacting with his followers.
The cool thing about this experiment though is, that you can see what works and what doesn’t work. Clearly likes without hashtags are overrated.


I’ve been thinking about this account and he frequently uses banned words in his posts. Wonder if this is killing any reach he is getting. I think a lot of people finding this account would follow just out of curiosity (like us).


This is a weird experiment. This is not a single group of people colluding to create “the egg” . This is a super disjointed, ramshackle group of people doing one thing via a single post.

He might be losing followers, but we need to track it and analyze it. He is just some dude and shits weird to him. He is not proficient at IG or the internet. Clearly. Or he deserves an Oscar more than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Anyhow, we all should have an agreement. Clearly people have gone bonkers and dedicated a network of sexy chicks niche to commenting on his posts. I don’t think this is a good idea.

As a group experiment we should:

Dedicate 1 child account. That account resembles his “niche” (wtf that is), and sends a DM or tags his account in a post. Whatever.

The point of this is to make him go viral as well as level 1 and under members learn how the M/S theory works. 25K+ likes on a single post does not work.

100 child accounts DMing or shouting out + 100 accounts liking the bare minimum of 1 post per day will look natural IMO. Anything above that is a bit much.


I made a couple of dozen people follow him. But they jump off after 1-2 days. That’s why my theory is the overload of posts combined with no interaction from his side. Who wants to have an idol that gives a “shit” about you?


@wortime if I get you right we should all fish in similar niches so we can see which one works best for him. Every 5 days or so we can check the results and then decide if we keep on fishing there or go for a different pool.

Which niche would you recommend? Gangster Rappers as their attitude is in line with “raunchy bastards”? --> just a thought tho…


I’ve recommended my niche. I think “humans of NY” plus 2 other niches will produce good follow backs. That takes 2+ weeks. Growing his account might take 40 niches, we simply don’t know.

I have made posts about this guy to multiple reddits, medium etc. The more people that spread it, as well as child accounts, the more he will gain and will have no idea how.

This might be a stupid exercise to some, however, this is basic marketing with a bit of social media mixed in. We should all agree to X and stick by it so we learn how it works.

One single media will not make something go viral. You need to spread that message, in the correct way, across multiple networks in order for this to happen.


Still can’t figure out his schedule… if I’m gonna show up I have to figure out the hours when he gets his coffee during the week and sits around taking selfies. Today it was still dark in those shots, so he had to be there before 6am, and I’m sure as shit not going to do that.