Temporarily locked Instagram

So this morning i got temporarily locked out of my insta for the first time, probably because I unfollowed a lot of people at once. But know they send a code to a e-mail adress that doesn’t exist and i cant change it. Does someone know how to change it so i can send it to my real email or maybe know how long i will be locked out. Btw i have a business acc idk if that matters.

If you have or had a phone number linked you can try to get the verification code that way

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I can only send it to my email there is no other choice…

Are you able to request a password reset email to your current email?
If so, this might work for you too:

try to reset the account password and see if IG gives you the option to reset via phone number.

I don’t think you understand me, im temporarily locked out of my insta because of phishing (i did it myself im not hacked or something) but the email where they’re sending the security code to doesn’t exist… my email end on ‘.com’ but the email they send it to ends on ‘.nl’ So i want to change that email but i dont know how … but thanks for helping!


I don’t think you are the one not understanding :sweat_smile:

If IG suspects foul play with an account, they can opt to request verification with an old, linked email.
To bypass that follow what Luca and I told you - request a password change, change the password, and use the link you get after that to log in to the account.

If that works for you, you should be good to go.

If that doesn’t work, there are not much options you have. Marking the account as hacked and going along with the verification process after that would be one of them.

You’re right I didn’t understand it, but unfortunately it didn’t work… do you maybe know for how long i wil be locked out if I don’t do anything?

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If you dont do nothing 30 Days your Account have a low trust level and maybe can be blocked for ever and you lose it. So better make the steps that Schoko send you. This is your only chance. FB dont offer user support.

I tried to reset my pasword and then i get a link but when i press the link they send me to that form that says they send a security code to my email but that email doesn’t exist so yes fml sorry my English isn’t the best

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So to recap this:

  1. You went to https://www.instagram.com/accounts/password/reset/
  2. Inputted your current Email
  3. IG accepted it
  4. They sent you a password Reset Mail
  5. You reset the password

Is that correct?

No i send it to my phone number but the rest is correct

I would try your currently linked Email - does IG recognize it?

What you need is the link from the follow-up email. The one that informs you that the password has been changed and if this wasn’t you can [secure your account here]

my real email is ‘…@gmail.com’ and the one they send it to is the same but end on ‘…@gmail.nl’ but that one doesn’t exist and i cant make one

I get that, still, you can input your @gmail.com into the password reset form and should receive the link for the reset and hopefully also the confirmation email for the password reset.

i didn’t work for me but I appreciate your help, when i look it up on internet it says sometimes it will last 24-48 hours so let’s hope that after that i can use my acc again

hey im having the same problem rn and thought id just wait it out… did it work for u? if so was it 24-48 hours?

have you tried all that discussed here? I don’t think waiting 24-48 hours will solve this issue, you can try to reset your account password as one of the solutions suggested here.

I’m going through the same scenario it’s telling me to verify my identify but it’s sending the code to an old email that I don’t have access too. That email is not even the current one on my account so I don’t understand why is it doing that. It’s frustrating.!!! Did you ever find a way around it

Me too did waiting it out work for you ?