The best time to upload

anyone here did a research on “best time to upload” ?
what is your best time to upload+your country
thx for your wisdom

Google has many answers to this question.

But the real answer is, the best time is the time you’ve discovered works for your own followers. You have to experiment by yourself and find the times that they’re most active and engaged.


yes i know, but in every place on earth there will be different time, no?
thx for your wisdom

If you check the links , most of them contain a timezone …

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But my answer wasn’t helpful, and thus my spoon is too big.


i allready google it days agoo,so comment with google links "best times to post"
not good enough fo me sowie…yo gotta find fo me a bigger spoon,tis one is too small 4 me
i write first line of this topic,"anyone here did a research on “best time to upload” ?"
not “anyone here google best time to upload?” :slight_smile:
it allways pretty much the same, like you said i gota
experiment by my self and find the times, just wanted to do quik check
thx for your wisdom

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You must be get award my friend :joy:

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Haha, no worries, I understand what you’re saying. Honestly it varies per account and who you’re trying to target, there isn’t really a “best time” because it varies based on many factors, specifically when your followers are active on IG.

So, say you were trying to reach people who were stay at home moms to get them to follow your baby food account. They’d probably be the most active when their kids were napping, some time between noon and dinnertime, which as you pointed out, changes based on region. So kids in America aren’t going to be napping at the same time as kids in Korea, which makes the entire point of having a “best time” sort of pointless. Maybe there’s an hour window crossover, but you can’t know unless you test it.

That’s where the testing part comes into play, find your audience or figure out when they’re active, post photos and find out the times they respond the best, and go from there. Some of the links provide their own researched “best times” but they’re also quite dependent on the content and followers, but you can use any of them as a starting point.

What’s your niche? Maybe that’s a good place to begin.


Not just the time what matters. Keep in mind where your targeted users live. For example my followers live mainly in the USA, so I have to upload photos when they are awake, although it’s a dumb night time for me. :smiley:

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I find socialrank quite useful, especially if you do not want to turn your account into a business one. They tell you on which days and during which hours your followers are most active. It’s also available for free.


Very Very nice tool, thx for sharing, thx for your wisdom

Yeah there really is not a “golden time” where every one of your followers will be on IG, You have to experiment a bit before you find something that sticks. I recommend you do that by making calculated guesses at when you followers will be on IG (as mentioned above) and based off of those calculated guesses, you can post at those times (and other times) to see something that works for you. I also recommend using and/or to get a more organized look at everything

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7:30 am for quotes and motivation
12:00 pm best for All niche.
17:00 pm and 19:00 pm are best for fashion food and entertainment.


Can vouch for 17pm

read it here : [Guide] Best time to post on Instagram

Some of the third parties can help you find the best time for you. We used icono square for that purpose. Works wonders!

try another method — it works.
see, each account is different and there is no ‘best time’ rule that applies to any specific areas.
I once posted at 2 .a.m. on a Monday morning…and it became my best liked post.
here is the secret method.

  1. post at different times.
  2. compare likes every 10 - 15 - 30 60 and 5 hours.
    experiment for a few days/weeks until you find best times.

in other words…find out on your own…for your own account.
case in point, the 3:00 pm time slot, 6:00 p.m for east coast.
this is my worst time for some reason.

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It also depends on the audience you’ve grown so far, if they’re in a different timezone somehow, catering to them may not be what you’re ultimately after, so you’ve gotta think globally and locally.

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yes thats what im exactly doing for the past 2 weeks, i started this topic 1 month ago
i dont know why people pop it up now…

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exactly. …opps…not 13 char crap…

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