Tik-Tok - Future Influencers Marketing Platform


Just imagine :rofl:

Mark is a smart guy but If i was tik-tok’s owner, i wouldn’t give up on the platform.


i have a 50k subs fan account on it willing to monetize it
people can donate to you when start a live stream sounds promising tbh !
saw kids making 2500$ on 3h live but with about 5m followers


How did you grow it?


all i did is use an app to download tiktoks of another famous guy on there
than upload 3 tiktoks a day and use hashtags and write something like “Comment if you also Love pizza” it works xD
and i go to the main page of that famous guy and like other people’s comments :smiley: hahahahhaa
i was liking to many people everyday and getting my comments on top f others tiktok’s kids were getting hyped thinking it’s the real famous guy i dueted there videos and did too many shutouts and told them ill keep on doing shutouts to the most active fans thats it and duet my tiktoks for a chance to win a shutout


Thank you for ur answer! :wink:


you’re always welcome Bro :smiley:


I don’t really use this platform, but it’s pretty popular among kids in Poland to the point that some of Tik Tok “stars” made it to breakfast TV interviews.

Also, one of pop music stars from Poland (Cleo) uses Tik Tok frequently so there are some who see the potential in this platform.

The real question is: how do we make a money out of it? :pound:


@Wsiolek hi bro well :scream_cat: TikTok has grown quite a bit in the past year :ghost:

you asked how you can make money with tiktok right ,well you can use Tik Tok to cross promote your existing ventures. By becoming popular on Tik Tok, you can mention your other ventures and get people liking or following you on your primary money-making platform.
also You can sell your own stuff on Tik Tok. If you have a ton of merch around your brand

the live streaming part of the app where people can make money directly through tips. If you have used Twitch or other streaming apps like it, the principle is the same. You stream content on the app, make it good enough for people to love and they can tip you to show their appreciation.

You buy emoji for real money and can tip them to streamers you like. The streamer gets a percentage of that tip (80%) split with Tik Tok. A streamer can earn some decent change doing this which can then lead to brands becoming interested and the income can grow from there.

It’s a system that works very well elsewhere and has even allowed people to do it full time. You won’t earn millions but you could earn a decent living doing it if you’re good enough.


Another popular platform in China is Bilibili. The concept is similar to TikTok (I mean the focus is on videos) but people pay to have some text scrolling during your video (it looks really like a mess). Regular text is white but if you pay more you can have it red, yellow or blue. It allows people to monetize immediately. My friend is trying it out. I live in China btw. To start using the platform to the full you have to correctly answer 40 questions in Chinese though.


Thank you very much for that.

What about if all you wanna do is client management on Tik Tok? Are you left with cross promoting your other platforms or is there any other way I can’t think of because I didn’t have my morning coffee yet?

Is becoming a middle man in between the brands you know and the influencers and signing product deals for them to promote on Tik Tok already a thing? Taking a cut out of that would be preferably my way of making money as I’m not too handsome or persuasive in a real live (big stage fright too).


you can use a lot of fake pages of other famous people and upload there tiktoks and keep posting same tag on description of that tiktok asking to go follow that person and engage with there content everyday to win a lifetime shoutout :slight_smile: everyday also dueting the tiktok profile that your promoting once they upload a new one on there profile
the thing that you need to do is get them clients and there’s alot of ways to get them active followers for them


Thanks for all of that. Looks like it’s a time for me to finally download it :slight_smile:


Tik Tok is probably gonna be a big app, but It’ll die maybe after a year or two once it hits its peak. Idk when that will happen though. However, if you can find a potential way to monetize/cross platform it, do it during this period before it completely blows up if you want to increase your upside


The problem with Tik Tok, like Tumblr, is that it’s largely unregulated and filled with kiddy porn (or borderline stuff) that will eventually get it and the users into trouble.

Checked it out a few times to experiment and see what all the fuss was about, and if you’re in the right niche it could have its place, but overall it’s a pretty terrible app (in my opinion) and only good for 14 year old girls wearing too little clothing and lipsyncing memes/dance videos.


Very well done man!! You’re first in the game and will see opportunities coming way before most of the people here predicting about TikTok’s rapid death. I think that’s definitely the right approach: see the potential and understand the network first manually instead of waiting for some bots to be released

The growth of the platform is crazy (+500 million MAU in 2018) and I think people in SMM really underestimate the potential of it because we’re too old to be the targeted users here. The only downside I see is that the majority of the users might not be financially active, making it harder for us to monetize (even though there is a huge teenager financial services trend going on)


yeah most people will be shocked if they knew how much money Kids donate to influences and normal users there ,so much money to be made
some kids that have been doing it for 2 years got too much fame that they got the chance to act on some movies and have there tours own songs just because of silly tiktoks and girls too get to much couth there are too much money to be made there kids are the reason these app even got all this vitality and i don’t think it will die anytime soon

thank you too for your reply

this behavior of prediction that new things will Fail seeing it many times! always happens when a new social media show up everyone doubt it

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it’s been here since 2016 Lmao ,Kids Loves it xD and you know what happens when kids loves something they get super addicted to it

TikTok app rank in Asian markets


Is there any automation out there for tik tok ? I’ve been looking around but haven’t found anything so far


Tik Tok having more users than Instagram?? That’s amazing!! I saw a few months ago some ads about Kanye West saying that I have to check his profile haha.

Will be Tik Tok the next Vine?


I am not sure, I saw a few views providers.

I even tried to automate it, but as it’s an app I wasn’t able to do it… And forget about hiring someone to code a bot for you, Snapchat ones can cost 10-15k$…

What you can do is open a lot of memu or bluestack instances and use the clone app to clone tiktok, and some proxies as well to deliver a few visits to your vids. The only issue that I see is that this method is not easily scalable.