To people considering to outsource (Manual growth

Hi Everyone
I have been outsourcing the operation side of the business to focus on scaling. I am using manual & providers & managing a few accounts myself via JV
A couple of realistic notes to people who are planning to use manual services.

  1. Due diligence- I have dealt with so many of them, you cannot trust anyone upfront, be sceptical. Ask them about growth chart, their process and snoop around.

  2. Be ready for false promises - For some reason, many IG marketers do not deliver on time, over promises /etc. Maybe, they’ve been reading/ doing a lot of sale courses. ( Tho a lot of marketing courses do focus on BS selling, doesnt fly with me well). Oh, and when they say a due date, learn to lower your expectation to the bottom. Start your expectation from the bottom, and you will not get disappointed

  3. Watch for red-flags:

  • I will grow your followers 20 + per day ( unless your account/client is famous & popular niche/good scraping do not dream)
  • I never had AC/ action block, even in the manual, you will still experience this. Do not blame the marketer, it is normal. But if they promise you 0 chance of this runaway
  1. Extra tip: A lot of people are connected from one another, similar to white labelling, a lot of people are just using other people’s service and stamping their price. That is normal, as long as it works who cares.

Will I recommend any of them. No, not yet. Are they performing? Sure, hit or miss per account

I have tested over 7+ providers (150+ accounts monthly)
Good luck everyone


Thanks for the tips! I’ve recently switched to manual too I think 20+ is actually pretty achievable for most accounts

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Thank you for sharing.

What kind of results are you getting with manual? Is there extra work involved in you monitoring that things get done, etc? And are you actually able to focus on scaling with manual providers?

How do you make sure that they are actually manually doing engagement?

Let me retract.
It is possible, depending on niche, account quality and how good your provider is scraping sources

  2. client management
  3. yes and no, until you find the right one you’ll be micromanaging

I suspect it will be very very hard job for someone to scrape accounts and then do engagement… say 200 likes for each given account. I’m still struggling to find out how can account owner be sure that they are not using bot 'cuase there are many bots specially custom ones still working with no issues.

But again as long as it work then who care right?

You have to trust your provider, or ask them to take a screenshot of the screen/ phone
You have to trust as well. Being sceptical/cautious is great but too much is not good either

In the end of the day, the important part is that they are delivering results

I used to manage some famous account in Brazil, but i always had SMM resseler panel and with this uptades all plataforms had problems and i used to buy followers/likes/views with a low cost but now its impossible, all prices are non real

Any manual provider which tells you they don’t have blocks are full of BS.

We have a big number of clients handling manually and we struggle with action blocks on 20% of them. But the growth is all good. Usually from 80-120 follows come through - The FBR is dependant if we use our own sources or they give us sources where we follow/like/comment people. The good thing of manual is, you can actually focus on growth of profile as a whole. Not just metrics…


What kind of blocks do you get? Soft (no message but follows reverting) or hard (message with date that follow block expires)?

Also have you ever received any ‘account compromised’ from doing manual follow/unfollow?

  1. You can get both type of blocks
  2. Yes

Yea, I’ve been doing manual for a few months now and I still get blocks.
I’m getting better every month, but I spend quite a lot of time learning. I’m also glad I have a massive list of source accounts with high FBR from JV.

you follow everyone without filtering ? also how can you scale it bcs manual is ood but if you want to do 20-30 account it will also take huge time unless you hire VA’s

that seems too much for 1 person. I think 1 person can do 5-10 accounts per day max or maybe a bit more if they work 8-10 hours

A person with 6-8h work-day can do up to 60-80 profiles. Easy.

About sources - You scrape them normally, tune them for notepad :,2 … and you just click and follow.

You need approx. 5min per account.

You can still experience block:
Hard block or soft block(aka Device block) but can go over it quite easily.

Compromised still happens but mostly on profiles where 2 active devices are connected from other countries.


that seems a bit farfetched to me. considering you are doing likes follows unfollows mutes


i think manual scaling there is 2 method for it a highquality script that get charged of everthing with no bugs even swich accounts or hire va wich cost a lot

it takes lot of time 6-8 hours of doing same action don’t you think a script that do everthing by himself is far better

So how do you manage the device ID’s and diff proxies? Or just clone device id’s and flightmode the ip’s? Cause the ip’s in the end will return over and over no?