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I’ve started trying to utilize LinkedIn, view profiles, share blogs across groups, like posts, DMs, etc to get clients for SMM but I’m not seeing much traction or engagement. I’m wondering if LI is dead, if it’s worth keeping at it, or if I’m doing something wrong… I’m not sure if people even read posts on LI groups… ?
any suggestions?

Unrelated to use for SMM, I’d say LinkedIn is a pretty terrible platform, it’s become a spam box like Twitter, which is also (arguably) a dead service, unless you’re Trump. They both had their time, and are old and dusty.

I’m sure others have had better or different experiences, though.


twitter will come back! remember my words

Oohh i hate twitter😬
There is nothing as easy as instagram. It is extremely user-friendly and will certainly grow alot more and more In the future. Nothing will beat Instagram.


yes all you say is true, i dont use or like twitter aswell
but what i learned from big corporate social medias
they are all coming back and better, you think twitter will just die?
nah they will come back upgraded, more easier more user friendly, and boom they are a hit again

Guys, I hope you don’t mind me sticking my sneb in here to tell you what I’ve learned about LI.
I’ve been at it for a couple of years or so, adding folk who live near to me, adding influencers, adding famous people etc. I was top 1% when they had ranking system, however, they have removed it.
I find it very valuable for my niche which is ‘detailing’. we get a whole load of work from it.

What I have noticed though, is the algorithms have changed or maybe it’s just getting spammed to the max because unless my content is on point, a small percentage will see it.

I have around 22k connections. I’d be happy to link up with anyone on here and happy to like or share items as long as it’s not a dildo factory you are running.

Just a thought, just trying to give a little value here and there.