Two Questions about Linkedin Automation

Hello team

When automating LinkedIn accounts, does JV use separate devices for different accounts, or just different browsing windows?

Also; if you start getting CAPTCHA tests, is this a sign that you could be banned or suspended at some point? When do you need to start worrying and what are good precautions to follow in this instance?

As a side note, I’m running all accounts on my home IP - would you recommend proxies?

It uses different devices…I run all my clients accounts on different proxies… You shouldn’t be getting captcha after the first login…

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If you are managing more than 3 accounts i think that you should get proxies because that might be the reason for the multiple captachs

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Yes, all of my accounts except my main one were banned.

Try to use a proxy for every 2 accounts and see how it goes i think that the results gonna be much different.

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How many accounts were you running on your home IP?
What tools did you use ?

I’ve recently experienced a mass ban too, but not because of IPs, they were all on different proxies, 1-2 accounts per proxy. What I think caused the ban is that all I did was sending connection requests and sharing posts from one single website.

For couple of profiles that avoided ban somehow:

  • I’ve set up night mode, different time frame for each of them,
  • Started to use more tools, now I’m viewing profiles, endorsing connections, inviting to follow the page…
  • Posting mixed content on my walls (not just links). If you don’t know what to post, just use some inspirational quotes :joy: seems like LinkedIn users love them. For diversification, use quotes as text and images too.

They work fine for now.

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It’s risky running multiple accounts without proxies. i think you should use one proxy per account.

I used to have two Linkedin accounts, one of them has been banned. maybe it’s because i kept switching accounts on my browser.

Now I only have one Linkedin account which I’m running in Jarvee, What I noticed so far is that I can log in to my account and do some actions manually on external browser with the same IP without any issue, but if I do actions on Linkedin app my phone, my account gets suspended. So I try to stay away from Li app even though I still have the app on my phone :sweat_smile:

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I use proxies based on their location, as close to them as possible… So I use one account per proxy… The accounts that got banned, were they real accounts?

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Five in total; but I set them up manually, gradually.

I think it was a single IP issue.

I also think that I was not varying my type of activity enough.

I’ve now purchased an aged account and will be setting it up on a proxy today.

Let’s see how that works out!

Thanks for your insights, my dear Adnan.

That’s the plan.

I’ll let you know my findings!

Thanks very much for this! I’m going to avoid even logging into the account on my home IP in that case.

They were all duplicates of my main account, with slightly varied names. I set them all up very similarly.

I really think the issue was purely to do with single IP use and a rather untactful approach to automation.