Understanding and Setting up Scraper Accounts

Hey Guys, I am just starting with Instagram Marketing and Botting (Jarvee).

I bought 5 Scraper Accounts and they are valid on Jarvee.

I also added one main account with recommended follow/unfollow settings.

How do you exactly scrape with scraper accounts? Do you just follow your targeted audience and collect their usernames for your main? And afterwards load those from the scraper Results as a follow source for your main? (If yes, how you do that?) Can the Scraper only collect Data by following Users? Or ist this how everyone do it?

In theory I know that scrapers are doing the “hard” work with the api to avoid your main getting locked/banned. But the process in Jarvee is where I am stuck right now. I am not sure how to do that in Jarvee, or even if I am right with my assumptions.

Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks to everyone in advance for every help!

When you use the tagname method, the scraper accounts will be working (scraping) in the background whenever the tool on your main account executes an operation.

  1. Tag each scraper account as “scraper”

  2. Go in Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram > General tab, check these three options and add the tagname “scraper”.

  3. Add the follow sources on your main account > Follow sources tab, then start the follow tool.

Scraper accounts don’t follow target users, they’re used only for scraping.


Thank you so much for your reply! That helped me alot!

“Scraper accounts don’t follow target users, they’re used only for scraping.”
What do you mean by that? Are Scraper Accounts only collecting Usernames? If they run on the background what are their purpose if I already run minimal settings on my main? Do I need to forward the scrapers collectings to my main? If so, how?

Sorry if I am kinda lost right now. Trying to make the least mistakes.

Thank you very much!

It means the scraper account won’t follow any of the scraped users. If you add a new account as a scraper account, its number of followings will remain 0.

They’re used to collect usernames for follow actions. When the like tool or the comment tool executes an operation, then they’ll be used to collect posts for like/comment actions. Scraper accounts also scrape the main account’s information when the main account does a sync operation to update the account stats (the number of followers, number followings, number of posts, etc).

They’re used to find users to follow, posts to like, stories to view, etc for your main accounts.

No, you do not need to do that if you use the tagname method.

You need to set your scraper account to send the scraped users to the main account if you used the classic method., this is the tutorial for the classic method:

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Thank you really much ossi! Really appreciate it, wish you the best <3

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also, keep in mind that you can do actions from the main account from both API and EB just in case you had some blocks or verification you can switch from EB to API and vice versa.

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Great explanation, thanks a lot.

Set up like this

For bulk-adding use this