User Levels Explained


Still trying to reach lv2.


@316Interactive read this mate.


Are the post on lvl2 actually worth it?


If you don’t take action, even a spoon feed method or post will do nothing to you.

You have a lot of “Worth It” posts/methods here on the open section of the forum and still looking for the lvl2. But if lvl1 have this kind of posts, imagine lvl2.

As I said it’s not about the posts, it’s all about if you take action or not?
Most of the guys that posted in lvl2, found themselves what to do and not to do, what works and what doesn’t by taking action, by trying, failing, trying again, and again, and after smth worked for them, they shared it with the community.

Why wait for smth someone else shared, while you can try yourself, and find what works for you.



Even if my account is new here I’m not a newbie in this industry. So I actually needed an answer to my question, thing you did here:

and not the motivation part. But hope it could be useful for some unmotivated newbie.:wink:


Hi @sairos

The resources & conversation level at L2 are worth it (in my opinion).

The real value of this forum is the curation and management that happens to ensure that it’s a trusted environment. This works at L1 but even more important at L2.

Look forward to seeing you there soon.


Awesome thanks for the advices!!!


How to Find How Many Topics You Replied To:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click on Replies tab on the left
  3. Click on Download All
  4. Open downloaded excel file
  5. Select all topic titles
  6. Go to the Data tab and Remove Duplicates
  7. The remaining topics are all the topics that you’ve replied to

EDIT: As @Avo said, you also need to remove the topics that you created. You can do that by downloading the “Topics” Tab and copy pasting the the title column to your “Replies” export and then remove duplicates after.


You also need to remove message topics and topics you created to get an accurate number.
Got there eventually though!


It’s not that easy to get that level 2, but that’s what makes it even more satisfying to reach it


Exactly, when I noticed they required 150 replies on different topics i understood how long this is going to take


I really don’t know if the level upgrade is an automatic process or requires a human intervantion.

But as much as I want to get the level, I think that the main idea behind the requirements is to make benefit to the community, I wouldn’t have go replying to every post and bringing old posts back to the top only for my upgrade…


Level2 and 3 should be automatic. @Adnan


Level 2 is automatic, Level 3 is invite only.

That’s what it says at the post:

Unless they made other changes and didn’t update the post.


Thanks for this Johnny. I’ve been looking for a detailed outline to progress faster into this forum board. You rock!


Hustling my way to Level 2! Can’t wait to be there.



Bet you do


now it’s time to hustle to level 3 :smiley:


I’m trying to come from behind. Catching up with you soon!


Level 2 to Level 3 might take longer… You’ll love it here.