User Levels Explained


:point_up::point_up::point_up: is the big hurdel :eyes:


Thanks for the information.


it is until you realize that you have to reply not only 150 times but 150 times in 150 different topica :joy:


I wanted to write that now and wondered why nobody else realized that too :joy:
Replying to 150 different topics is way more a challenge than getting 200 likes in my eyes unless you spam just nonsense


I can’t see a way to measure the amount of different topics replied to, it’s not something on the stats.

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Yeah, I reached out for that too today and also couldnt find a stat about that, I just looked at the topics which we’re listed under “activity” and rhen “replied to” but this are all replies and you can just estimate by the eye how many topics you replied to. But this is better than nothing because I think the number on average keeps the right direction. As it is not the main goal in my eyes to hit the 150 topics replied number. The idea behind is that we all help us as much as possible so I dont mind if I thought I had 150 topics replied but it was 200+. When you know what I mean :slight_smile:


Neither 200 likes nor 150 replies to different topics are a lot to ask for. I actually like this user levels strategy, it really brings the best out of each member.


nonsense nonsense nonsense LOL… I did not pay attention to the reply to 150 topics part just looked and pretty sure I am already there and never was actively trying to hit that number.

I have got a lot of what I was looking for just being a basic, was spinning in circles before I found this forum so just have the mindset to give back when I can and roll with it the numbers will take care of themselves :slight_smile:


The message of what you said is exactly the same as mine. I also say that it does not matter if you’ve commented on 150 posts, or 200. You’ll reach your level at the right time, sooner or later, and that’s a good thing. Why do you say it is nonsense?


What I meant was that if you share very valuable information with the community, you might reach 200 likes with less than 100 posts. And of these people with such knowledge, there are some here in the forum. Such people might have been preoccupied with the topic before, but are new to the community. Quality vs quantity was my point.


I was just joking by spamming nonsense nothing personal :sunglasses:


Okay hahaha I dont take it personal but I dont got your joke first :joy:


@InterNEDA Info is here.


I think its’s a great rule and one of the reasons there is so much valuable information here. It forces you too write something and also too think about it at least a little bit cause otherwise you wont get likes. It also helps cycling the content.


Is there a way to see how many different unique topics you have replied to?


No you just can estimate . but we are there soon :slight_smile:


Yes, I found it.

Download all your posts, open in excel and extract the topic column. remove duplicates and you have a list of different topics

Surely there is an easier way though!


I sure hope so lol I thought I was there but NOPE!


I trust if anyone would have figured it out, it would be you! haha


Cannot wait to join the lv 2 gang gunna post some premium content soon.