User Levels Explained


Doesn’t matter, get posting with some insights, tips etc. The only way your English will get better anyway is to practice!


Great explanation! Really helps us to know how to rank :slight_smile:


I’m trying to join the cool kids in the Level 2 forums.:pray:

Time for some MPsocial gainz. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Yup that’s right


Thanks guys :slight_smile: have a great day!


You too man! Did 1 of those methods work for you?


no talk of of the former MP in public please… contact support or lvl2 forum.


How do you find out what level you’re in? I’ve been searching all around!


The rest of the information is in the first topic.


Is it 90 days at least for level 2? I remember reading that it was 15 - am I wrong?


If you are previously MP user contact one of the admins otherwise yes thats the latest changes.


90 days does seem like a long time. Oh well. I put a shortcut on my phone and desktop so I don’t forget to jump in every day.


Yes it is a very long time, but it will be worth it :wink:


Good call. :slight_smile: There are special circumstances under which you can jump into LVL3 immedaitely.

I’m saying this because of your post here:


This makes things much more clearer


Too hard for the newbies

the point is : Newbies need specific topics to follow, but they are level 2-3 required

If they can know enough thing to get in level 2, I think they don’t need these topics anymore

So mod guys, please modify that thing, for sure

in LVL 1 just newbie topics asking some very basic question,

Some LVL 2-3 member show up, and point to the LVL2-3 topic that no newbies can get through to read it,

It’s a deadlock, Keeping like that, and the forum LVL 1 is kind of Spammy

At least, You guys can move some basic topic from lvl 2 to lvl1 to help these newbie LVL1


You got that right, but the problem is we can’t move topics because of well known reasons.
What we can do is try to help them when they ask and be more friendly towards them :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can see that. It’s not easy being level 1.

> Be having limited likes
>Cant make new posts easy
>People call your posts useless
>Try and ask questions that we can’t find answers to, get into arguements


It ain’t easy being le green.


>Out of likes for the day
This gif will have to do.
Kermit is my bro IRL