User Levels Explained


Even no one like the lvl1 user’s comment

3 guys like the reply of mod,

And my post above ??? No one like :rolling_eyes:


Yes it is a very long time, but it will be worth it


Thats the mindset that’ll help you pass the time through in order to get to LVL2 :hugs: it’s okay guys, just do like me, pass the time reading and learning from the guides that you ARE able to access :raised_hands: if you need a good one to start with, check this one out :wink::eyes::wink:


Everybody loves the Mods.


Okay, just for my understanding:
There is a level 4, isnt it?
Because if not, I am just wondering why people that have joined by the end of July (about 2months ago) are stating they are already level 3?
I guess I am also on level 3. If not and I am on level 4, can someone explain me please how to close threads?
Thank you :bouquet: .


Yep, you are on 3 :slight_smile: Regular badge means lvl 3


If you refer to @petcobra he’s promoted to LVL3 as everyone else on forum did. You know what I mean :slight_smile:

Conspiracy theory…


Rumor has it thats where @Adnan and @Johnny hide the real “Free Money Button”.


With level 4 your MP3 has only 1 button when you start the program. There are no settings, no accounts. Just 1 button “GIVE MONEY NOW” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not true, @dimitri. While showing me your Level4-MP via TEAMVIEWER :computer:, I saw another button saying “Solve the LIKE BLOCK on all accounts IMMEDIATELY


I need in this “Level 4”.


Just hit level 4! Here’s how:

This link has been disabled due insufficient funds: solution = eat more tide pods


Clearly an American


Only place where you can make money off of some of the dumbest people in the world


Clearly an American Clearly not an American


Just wanted to share an image of what my stats look like right when I reached the Level 2 requirements for future newbie reference. Definitely takes time and a desire to want to be part of the community, but 1.5 - 2 months is a very realistic and doable timeline to rank up from Basic to Member. Share the knowledge that you would consider yourself an expert at (or at least above beginner) in your own posts, and try to engage in conversation with the community. I joined MP Social early December 2017 and am excited to be a part of the community for a long time. :slight_smile:


4 posts were split to a new topic: MP Feature Request :slight_smile:


Not to rain on your parade, but you have also provided an excellent example of what not to do - post one liners on every topic you can find just to collect enough participation points to reach the next level.

Some of your contributions are in fact helpful, but most are just for the sake of having a reply.

The point of contributing is the quality of the contribution itself.


There is something to be said however about active engagement, regardless of post length, adding to the overall activity and engagement of community members. Adding to the conversation, regardless of length encourages others to engage and grows the community as a whole. I think the requirements are stringent enough to weed out the people that truly don’t want to be here. I’d argue that 90%+ of my posts add value to the conversation, and the other 10% are there just to troll; because, what’s the point of a forum without a little bit of trolling.


We have lounge for trolling :slight_smile:
Remember that you need to receive a lot of likes to get to LVL2. One or two quality threads can bring you necessary likes.

Increasing post count the way you do it can only bring you a ban.