User Levels Explained


People respond more to my posts than they like them :laughing:


I’m still trying to see how long I have until I reach level 2.


It’s easier to reach level 3 :sunglasses:


Hey hun do you know what steps I’m needing to take


Just follow as OP described for Level gain.
Otherwise, you need to contact @Adnan to see if you’re qualify for Level 3.


Thank you appreciate it


Thanks for the post! Looks like I got a month or two ahead of me:)


damn looks like lurking is no good then if I need a better level


Contribute and provide value and you shall rise fast :slight_smile:


Answered my confusion, thanks:grinning:


now I’m a basic user


Congratulations I’m still trying to get there


We all need to Dig DEEP loll


Hi there, working my way to level 2. I have a doubt, i think i read somewhere that having “MP User” badge grants you direct access to level 2. Am i wrong?


You would be wrong. That was granted from many moons away , in a galaxy long long ago. You have to pass through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then walk through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Thats how you get to level 2.

Check your inbox


It was when i suscribed here for the first time but they never upgraded me to level 2.


I would contact @Adnan and or send a message to support and they can get you into level 2. Looks like the missed a couple


Made my day. :joy::joy::joy:


Is there a free money generator at level 3?


Not anymore. We had to move to the lvl6 section…Sorry!