User Levels Explained


What a shame, looks like I’ll have to start doing some actual work now. All my dreams were shattered.


Sorry! It seems mpsocial will have a lvl6 giveaway next week! Someting with drinking 12 beers and and calling FB headquarters for some spam advice. The one that keeps FB the longest on the phonecall will win a lvl6 acces token.


Don’t spoil all the surprises :sweat_smile: :sushing_face:


Billionaire life, here I come!


On that level 2 grind!


How does one get access to said marketplace? I’m not an OG on this forum, but also didn’t just join yesterday and see that the marketplace isn’t available to me. I could understand not allowing new users to be able to sell things on the forum, but why block potential customers?


@Klique i dont see it either (i should be level 2 soon enough).

Perhaps it’s the filtering process of the community to make sure whoever is buyin knows more than the average bear


hello again, i need to go on level 3 :slight_smile:


Posting 150 replies to become a member? Duh…


I thought I earned the regular badge


I love this system, because every day, i m here for improve my Badge and my career here, i hope i growth very fast :slight_smile:


Thank you for your explaintion :slight_smile:


Ohh well, thank you. This is what I was looking for.
I thought my account has been banned. LOL. :sweat_smile:


I’ve earned every membership, yet my access to the area has disappeared…



Your profile shows that you only have 11m total read time and 5 posts. It also shows that you are a basic user, the level anyone gets when they simply join the forum. I highly doubt you have earned “every membership” or even know all the levels there is.

I’d advise you to read through the forum and find out the different access levels and how to achieve them. (Hint: It will take longer than 11 minutes)

If you do earn “every membership”, you’ll discover that this forum is abundant with helpful posts, kind people and all the resources you can ask for regarding online marketing.

Hope you figure things out. :slight_smile:



This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Jesus fuck me in the ass Christ. Does everyone have to spell it out across multiple fucking posts for you why you are no longer a “member”?


If what you say is true (it is not a matter of me believing you or not), then you should contact an admin who can look into it. I’m not sure why this may happen but there must be a reason. This forum is quite tolerant towards members, especially someone who has been around for years. It seems highly unusual for things to be “reset” all of a sudden without any reason.

Good luck.


why its not letting me reply to certain threads ?


I figured it out… I’m a regular again.