User Levels Explained


Welcome back. What was the problem?


Just had to renew my subscription :man_facepalming:


I love this pyramid…


I want to get to the top to find the money generator! :sunglasses:

@wortime How can I apply for a new badge? If what you said above is still valid I think I can go to level two… Maybe writing to someone?



I don’t understand why on my stats page I see 3 likes received but on my top replies I already count 11 likes…
Why are my stats at 3 then?

Update: I think I understand now, you get 1 like per post (IF you receive a like for it of course). Even if that post has 100 likes for instance, you still get 1 like…
So that means that you need to write 200 good posts to accomplish the liking part of becoming a member.


Question, I had level 3 access and then it was revoked once I came back to the site. I’m now at level 1 access. Why did that happen?

Do you lose access for inactivity?


Contact one of the admins via PM (ie. @adnan) and he might be able to give you more information.


Thanks! Just did so


Receiving 200 likes in this community is like mission imposible bro