User Scraping...which tool?

What is the correct tool I should be using in Jarvee to scrape users of other profiles, posts, or comments?

I want to be able to scrape users data while following them so that I have a more info about those I followed. I see that within the follow section there is an ‘extracted users’ tab that sends users here after hitting the ‘send to extracted users’ box but I do not see that these people have been followed. I can manually export that list and import it under sources to follow, but this is time consuming and I’m trying to automate as much as possible.

Under the contact section, I also see an extract users tab, auto extract…etc…would this be the correct extraction tool I should be using? I don’t see any of the already extracted users from the follow section in here…so i think I’m missing something?

Please advise.


There are multiple scrape tools in JARVEE.

However, I would use the one under “profiles”


thank you @wortime you are very helpful!

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I’ve been having the problem lately where the scrape tool does not work for specific cases.

Works great for bigger things like scrape followings but scrape followings for followers of 10k - 1mil does not work,

says will notify when done but never does

anyone else?

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I scraped basic user info the other day of 2 million+ of a 13 million follower account in around an hour or so. I didn’t finish scraping because I didn’t need it. The OP was able to scrape 9,999,999 followers with no issues. It took a while, but yeah, thats a lot of scraping anyhow.

If you have specific needs, invest in scrapebox or something along those lines.


Hey Guys,

Sorry for jumping on your topic, but how can you use this data to your advantage? I red about Scrape Tool on Jarvee website and I am still oblivious to why I would need it/use it/want it.

If you scrape the followers of an account then you can manually filter the data in a spreadsheet instead of getting Jarvee to do it on the fly.

This gives you full control of exactly which users you engage with and allows you to refine your filters offline before you filter out a bunch of potentially good users.

As a brand, this type of filtering allows you to better target your customers.
If you are just going for numbers then it may not be super relevant to you.


Cheers @avo,

It sounds very interesting yet time consuming in compare to automated way.

I may give this method a go just to find out how it perform.

Thank you


Me personally, I do what @Avo mentioned. I filter my lists for spam accounts. Everyday I block at least 15 new CBD profiles becuase they are being used by chinese as spam accounts for my industry. Cant follow them! I will however scrape their following and then add that to my follow queue if they meet my criteria. I LOVE the scrape function and I’m learning to finally love Excel


I have a problem with some spam accounts following me and this sounds like a solution.

Did you come across any step by step tutorial about how to do this properly? I would like to learn how to do it properly from the beginning.


no tutorial just from previous exprience. its all done manually for now. Export File->-Open in Excel->Organize based on your criteria.
For example for me, I first filter by if theyre a business account or not, delete those that are, then I organize followers by descending order, deleting any user above 1000 followers, then I organize by followings and delete any user with more than 2000 followings, from there the accounts that are left are imported into another sheet that i use as a ‘to follow’ list, i scrub the incoming info against what is already there then delete duplicates-> I’m left with a list of usernames to follow based on my criteria for that one account. Hope it makes sense.


For now all exports from jarvee I am keeping. I am trying to figure out how to put it all into one database that gets updated with the new information from recent scrapes…but from what I’ve seen I might have to create sql database, which I dont know too much about…yet


Thanks for the explanation. I will put that to use very soon.

Do you use only the manual upload as a follow source or together with the automation (don’t even know if it is possible)?

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Mostly manual, but I do have follow set for pre-scrubbed hashtags but my filtering is pretty strict so it runs out of sources quickly and I have to get onto another batch of #'s

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Thank you @InterNEDA

That was very helpful.


you’re welcome. glad I could finally help someone :smile:


Thank you @Interneda did not know about scraping at all. Will try it today. From which account are you scraping? I wonder if I should create an account just for scraping?

You might wanna check out this thread I had the same kinda questions as you and got some very good info from it [Whats the purpose to for using separate accounts on Jarvee for scraping?]


Will use an old account thank you


No problem man