What is proxy username and other proxy related questions

hi everyone
i am new
where can i find the proxy username
i only know the ip and password right now
can anyone tell me?
thanks anyway

The username of the proxy is sometimes the same as the username you are using for your Proxy Account with your proxy provider.

Typically, you will get the proxy in this format

The first part that says : “” is the actual proxy and your account will use this proxy to connect to the social networks and do the work. The second part “3454” is called a port, both of these will be given to you by your proxy provider regardless if you have username and password proxies or ip authentication proxies.

If you are still unable to find your username, then I would suggest contacting the proxy provider and ask them about it.


thank you very much
But my present situation is
I have bought a VPS
and I know the IP and username and password of VPS
Then I installed Shadowsoc on VPS
so I know Shadowsoc’s IP and password too
When I use a proxy on MASSplanner
What password do I need to enter? the VPS, or the Shadowsoc?

Username is the auth

If it goes by IP auth, it’s using the IP, then no need to fill in the username:pass

If it has username and password auth, it’s user:pass

If you’re using a proxy server, then within the settings there will usually be 2 option to choose from which is by IP or by username:pass

To test if your proxy is working, fire up a proxy extension on chrome and input the credentials. You probably need to get the basics of how proxy auth works before you attempt to use them with MP.

correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what you have there is not a proxy that will work in Mass Planner…from what I can tell, you’ve installed something that will hide your IP.

i have 300+ facebook account
and i need 300+ different IP
I need a cheap and stable proxy
But I see a lot of different PROXY
i Do not know which one to buy
Do you have a PROXY that you can recommend?
thank you

If you need 300 fairly cheap, https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/massproxy-com-anonymous-private-proxy-instant-auto-setup-api-fast-and-stable-bhw.886387/

i am sorry
I need 300 fixed IP addresses
The IP address of each FB account can not be changed
I read your recommended website
it looks like There are restrictions and changes in the number of IP addresses
I’m not sure if I am right
Please correct me
Thanks again

Best to ask them and browse around BHW, that’s where most people get their proxy from.

what is BHW?


oh,black hat world

@dengjiewen0712 Here’s our recommend proxies provider

In order to add a proxy to your account, go to that social account in Mass Planner, check the box “Show Proxy Settings” and fill in the details of your proxy.

Here’s a full tutorial on how to do that: Adding proxies to your profiles.

hi everyone
I just bought a proxy
I know the IP address, port, username and password
But there are two ports
User Pass Port is 47030
Ip Auth Port is 47031
both prot I have tried
Can not successfully log on facebook
Facebook account and password is correct
I do not know why I can not log in
Is massplanner only support 8080 port?

IP Auth = you have to register your computer’s IP address to your proxy provider, so user/pass is not necessary.
User Pass = this port you can use with the user/password on any computer you’d like to.

So basically the best approach is using the User/Pass port (47030), you should enter in MP normally IP:port:user:pass. If it can’t connect to Facebook or whatismyip.org then you should contact your proxy provider.

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i will try

Well said @Khiem but it’s better to use IP Auth, leave the user and pass fields empty and authorize your IP in your proxy provider interface. See if that works for you, if not you should contact your proxy provider as Khiem said.

i understand now.
i think it’s my proxy provider’s problem.
thank you.

and there is Another proxy information
Can someone help me to find out if the proxy can works?
I really do not understand where the problem is
Is it because my massplanner is a 5 day trial period?
Trial period can not use proxy?
Because when I do not use proxy i can login facebook directly.
thanks everyone

mate it’s the second time i move your posts here, please stop creating new topics for the same general question, just keep asking here…

I am sorry
I do not know MP has Regulations which like you said
I just want more people to answer my question
if This new question can not be reflected in the title
Who will look at the contents inside?
Who will try my proxy if it works?
But next time I will pay attention
thankyou anyway