What is the average ad spend for a client with a nonexistent presence on LinkedIn?

Hey guys my first ever client is asking how much they should spend on average for their ad spend on Linkedin. I have never done LinkedIn before. I’m curious how much I should recommend they spend. They have a close to nonexistent online presence, and they want to gain referral customers from professionals such as pediatricians and special ed teachers. I’m creating blog content for them as well as some graphics for their IG account. Also what kind of content should I create to get the more precense on LinkedIn? Please help.

Sorry for bumping old threads but if you still need help then I’m here. Use LinkedIn for posting results and testimonials, and case studies.

If you’re looking to grow their LinkedIn account you need to grind out connections on a LinkedIn account of someone who is an employee of that company.

Once you’re getting the traffic in from that to their company page, start making content showing case studies/results of whatever profuct/service your client is providing.

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