What is the best LinkedIn Bot?

I need a linkedin bot that is capable to do the following:

  1. Do Profile Views on a target source.
  2. Send them a connection request with a message
  3. Once they accept the new connection should get a new message.
  4. After a certain amount of time (and the new connection didn´t replied to the first message) there should be a follow up message.

I tried JV and it works till to the second step. But step 3 and 4 is only possible to do manually. (you have to select the new connections in a list and then you can send the message to)

Is there a other tool? Or maybe I missed something in Jarvee?

Thanks & regards!

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You are missing something in JV.

Go for Connector tool and take a look at follow-ups there.

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DM me and I can tell you what I use. We’re not really supposed to name drop programs here

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I’d edit your post to remove JV if I were you

done. sorry mate…

Also the official support has no idea. They even connected to my VPS and tried it with no luck…

This bummed me out too. It is not automatic like other Social Media profiles.

Also when you “Update Friends”, it doesn’t show the date you “connected” and mixes them all up so I could not tell which were new. Would be a good feature update. Same with the endorse tool but no harm in endorsing everyone.

I even tried to use LinkedIn archive but won’t upload in a nice order since a message delayed a few days wouldn’t be harmful for my purpose.

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