What's the best tool for automating Linkedin in 2020?

Hello, I want to automate the creation of accounts, send requests and messages, like postes and comment… What kind of software and setting should I use?

Many thanks in advance !

I’m not sure about account creation, but for all other features you can use Jarvee

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Jarvee doesn’t have account creation tool, but it’s a great software for Linkedin. You can use Connector tool or Search and connect tool to send connection requests. There are also Like tool, Contact tool and Comment tool. I personally use Extract Emails feature a lot to get email addresses from my 1st connections.

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You can send request, messages, like posts and comment on posts, all with Jarvee :slight_smile: If you start using it, you can send a feature request to their support, they implement new stuff all the time, maybe they will consider your suggestion :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys for the replies. It seems to be working fine (except for the constant request to fill in the captcha :d). But the like exchange tool seems to be bugging…any ideas on how to make it work?

I never get captcha issue when running the tools. Try to increase the wait time and lower the number of actions per operation.

Do you mean social exchange for Linkedin? if so, check if there’s error in Summary. If your account can give likes, yet you don’t receive any likes on your post, there’s most probably not enough users who join the exchange session.

Make sure that you don’t login to the account from other devices while running it on Jarvee…

I think Jarvee is good for sending congrats for birthdays, new positions or like post or posting on groups.

But it is not good for campaings. It has several limitations.

For example, there is not a easy way to remove a profile from a campaing (Search and contact). You need to export to Excel to try to find in which position the contact is.

A lot of tools, like the connections remover are not integrated with Sales Navigator.

I would suggest combine Jarvee and Linked Helper. Is what I do.