When should I "email" a LinkedIn user?


I was wondering when would you normally email a LinkedIn user? Under what circumstances should you email them?

For example, let’s say I connect with a LinkedIn user and send them a few messages but no replies. Should I email them then? If so, what should I say in the email?

Would love to get some ideas!

I think if you sent some messages and users did not reply it means that they don’t want to reply so when sending them emails will be considered spamming so if you are okay with that then you can email them right after.

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My method for connecting to people starts with the request message, don’t make this too sales orientated, I personally hate receiving a message from people saying can we connect so I can extend my network, very little relevance.

If they connect with you, then that initial message has worked well, if they don’t then they’re not intrested. The next message is key, gotta draw them in without again too much sales, I utilise different messages to see what usually works well.

In my opinion, if they’ve connected and won’t speak they’re not the right people to be speaking with if you tune your initial message and they connect then you’ve opened the door to a good connection and then should be able to open communication with them.

key is polish the process that you connect with people and also find the right people to speak with.

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To be honest, I’m not a Linkedin outreach expert, but I would avoid sending an email if you already sent them a few messages on Linkedin before that. Maybe would send a message after the user doesn’t reply on first message on Linkedin. This is something that I personally wouldn’t consider annoying.

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Thanks for the help everyone