Where do you get linkedin accounts?


I’m looking for linkedin accounts with good age and built up to some extent

any options out here?


TBH, I never bought single LinkedIn accounts. Just checked BHW quickly and didn’t found any providers, however, I’ve found this on google:


NOTE: I’ve never used this service.


Thanks Adnan!


Probably it is better to make accounts yourself. Also the accounts sold on that website are probably empty, for $1 you cannot expect much.

Making LinkedIn accounts is easy. I made a couple with a mobile IP and mobile browser. LinkedIn asks to verify your email and usually also asks for a phone number. After that I used them on datacentre proxies without problems.

If you make them yourself you can also choose the names on the profiles yourself, which is better I think. If you make accounts with womens names it is easier to connect with people. LinkedIn usually suggest a list with possible relevant friends, based on the info you gave (job title). You can connect with them with 1 click. Women profiles usually have a higher acceptance if you try to connect…


Where do you get the phone numbers to do the phone verification?


If you go the marketplace, you could find sellers who are offering real SIM cards or you are using a service as the one of @kraadnc.

Here the link to the marketplace if you are looking for SIM CARDS:


@dimitri Thank you Dimitri for your wonderful share.
@SkinnyGirl Those two links are not available any more? Or I do not have the access to the marketplace? We are trying to look for some real SIM cards.


Do you want real SIM cards shipped to you or do you want someone who has the SIM cards, stores them for you and when you need them for a verification, he is available and sends you the code?

I am not offering such a service, but I can tag someone here who is offering what you need )(as you dont have access to the links above).