Who's a Digital Nomad? 🌏


I like this idea haha or just a latin america country :love_you_gesture:t2: Argentina: Cheap, good food, taxes¿?


haha no way. I’ve been in Chiang Mai the last 4 years. Thailand is great


What about near a beach? That’s my goal!


I have family in Portugal. Look up non-habitual residence (NHR) tax regime. It’s enforced in 2009 or 2010. As I understand one of the conditions is that you aren’t registered as a residence in the last 5 year. So if you already lived there when it was enforced you don’t apply for it. If you have a job in Portugal as a new expat you pay around 20% taxes, but if you receive foreign income it can be completely tax-free.


ok so im new to this forum here. currently running client accounts. making about 4K a month after expenses. i would love to travel as I can remote in from wherever to my home computer, but I dont understand how people can travel as I see it as an expense i can avoid. I dont have business relations in other countries, so would i just travel just to get a breath of fresh air? Dont get me wrong, I would seriously love to travel but what other businesses can I do in which I can work remotely as well? I want to travel and seeing everyone posting about their ventures is making me seriously consider this.


expand expand expand your current clientbase.

Then spread some in ecom.



You can of course travel. That is an expense. You can also give up what you have at home (to avoid paying for that) and travel to a country where life is cheaper. In Bangkok I pay about 300 Euro a month for an apartment with swimming pool, gym etc. I never cooked. Eating out is so cheap. Overall life is more nice if you can do more with the same amount of money.

And even when you do not want to give up what you have at home then traveling doesn’t have to be that expensive. In Thailand you can easily find places to stay for 300 Euro a month. You can easily go for a couple of months to see if you like it or not. At home you also have to eat. So depending on what you do the extra costs are for a ticket, a place to stay and maybe other things you do.

There is only one thing I find difficult. You sometimes hear from people traveling all the time and working at the same time. I don’t find that easy. I need a place with a big desk, a place to concentrate without too much noise and distractions. I don’t like working in coffeeshops with music and people talking all the time. I bought the latest Sony headphone with noise cancelling, will see next time if that makes a difference.

I wanted to posts some photos, but don’t want to make people jealous :sunglasses: :tropical_drink: :swimming_man:


Great to see so many people travelling and working
For me i guess my own country is really cheap im working for a life where i can setup teams here and scale business to a level which allows me to travel and do business development for alteast 4 months of the year. lets see how the journey goes :slight_smile:


But i am totally up for the Idea of MP meet and party in thailand :stuck_out_tongue: something concrete id definitely fly down


I would LOVE to travel and love the input but also, who am I going to travel with?? I don’t know anyone out in Bangkok or anywhere other than the US, and literally all of my friends are working 9-5 jobs and spend their money on pointless shit instead of reinvesting it back into themselves.


I always work out of coworking spaces. It costs 200$ per month, but its soo worth it. They have quiet rooms with aircondition and you meet tons of like-minded people. They also have daily free workshops about different business ideas. Check out coworker.com to find your perfect coworking space


Check out www.nomadlist.com - there you find places where other digital nomads are. After that go to www.coworker.com and find coworking spaces. You make friends in a heartbeat, because most are also travelling alone. In am in Chiang mai for 2 weeks and already have 4 friends. We go out for lunch and partying hard.

If you dont know where to start: Go to Hubud or Outpost in Bali, soo easy


nice - which country are you in?


Wow, I never knew something like this existed. Nomadist is by far the coolest website I have seen. Thank you so much.


I also like to watch “chris the feelancer” on youtube. He explores a lot of nomad destinations.


Aha so that’s for foreign income, makes sense!


nice, will check both app


I tried the digital nomad life for two months in Thailand and I almost get mod. I wouldn’t live there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still spend some time on vacation there but it wasn’t like the Youtube videos hype I’ve dig. Most places get boring after a few days. At least for me (I’m 36 years old, not partying so much).


I’m travelling full-time this year and living in Medellín at the moment.


How do you like it in Medellín?