Why doesn't my Instagram let me make an account?

please help i can not create new account.
Why doesn’t my Instagram let me make an account? I tried to make an account many times for the past few moths but it always says “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon.”

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I have the same problem for some days now. I tried the settings that were shown in this forum - but nothing works. Has anybody some helping ideas?

I have read from several Accounts Sellers that now Accounts Creation got much more harder, it looks like IG changed something here too. Im not able to provide advice/tips as i dont use to create accounts by myself.

Just tried and ran into the same problem, perhaps something from the browser is leaving a footprint? How many were you trying to create?

Well I could not create one with my own simcard. After changing the simcard - 1 and then I got the error message again.

Switch Browser. From Chrome to Firefox for example. That helped me sometimes.
And getting a new IP on a phone (Turning on and off flight mode) can help as well!

Well I followed the steps offered here:


The username is probably still in use,try registering with a normal email address or phone then change the username, hope it works

The account(s) have been most likely created but got instantly banned. You can reactivate them with using the IG appeal form.

That’s not the case, if you get the message: “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon.”, no account has been created at all.

OP, try using mobile tethering + a fingerprint removal software.

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