Your account has violated the Professional Community Policies

My manually controlled account was restricted twice - after I emailed them the 1st time they said it was in error. Now it has been “permanently restricted”.

They said
“Your account has violated the LinkedIn User Agreement and Professional Community Policies.”

What could I have done? Too many unaccepted requests or people that don’t like my messages?

Sorry about this @cowboymug Have you tried to go through these policies to get an idea what they didn’t like about your behavior? How do you know that people didn’t like your messages, they just didn’t reply?

Have you tried contacting them again?

Email them daily

Just sent another email now, will keep you guys updated, thanks.

Has anyone had success with this before, is it in the hope a more lenient agent will pick up the case and remove the restriction?

Should the emails be sent from a new email address each time, or from the one registered with the account?

yes, there are some users who were able to get their account back just keep emailing them every single day using the same email and other email addresses until you get the account back.

If they don’t reply to your email, try sending them a DM/mention them on Twitter they provide support there too.

What email address do you use? is retired.

I have found this link for recruiters, but no general one

The link I pasted changes once I post, but it’s a form for recruiters.

Filled it 4 times with no success, should I just keep trying?

Does anybody have an email address I can use?