“Your account was compromised”

Hey, many of my clients get “your account was compromised” I consider it’s because of the follow bot, how to prevent this message, I mean what do I have to do so my clients won’t get this message? (Because you have only one option of changing the pw)

Hey @Vlaa what kind of proxies are you using and how many actions perform daily?

180 follows daily, ipv4 ipv6 (I think they are called like this)

Probably it happens because your proxies are flagged already
Who is proxy provider?

What are better proxies?

I’d recommend you to use mobile 4G proxies, or some less-known Datacenters if you sure that they weren’t abused/resold/shared

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Thank you!!!

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I would recommend you to stop botting for a few days and change the proxy, as others suggested!

Does this lead to ban - I mean forced password change? How many of this message since 6/4 would? I know before that account can get many of these and still fine. Anyone has data point to share?

Got 2 clients getting the same Notification from Instagram.

There’s a post somewhere, where someone (@vanmatte) just got a 7 days block after this notification.

Anyone here experiencing the same problems ?



Someone with the same problem?
My topic was this:

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Same problem here. How can I find some good proxies? Thank You