I am new here and I know very basics and beginners stuff. I want to learn more advanced stuff and strategies for IG. Where can I learn? or what are they? At least give the names of the strategies.

You could start by going through the “Instagram Marketing” category :slight_smile:


Im Ready.
I will :spoon: you or do you need :baby_bottle: ?

Man, keep ur phone/pc, a good cup of coffee, glasses (if u need them) and start exploring this wonderfull forum. You’ll find pretty much all you need, I guarantee.

P.s. Remember that there is a wonderfull thing, called “Search”.
For the rest we are here.

Happy Lurking.


don’t be so hard on the newbies :joy:


Let’s start with these questions first:

  • What do you currently know or do with instagram marketing?
  • What strategies are you aware of?
  • What tools, if any, do you use?
  • What are you looking to accomplish with marketing on instagram?

“Advanced” is relative to your current expertise and experience.


I wouldn’t be hard :joy: just direct.
I’ve also told him:


Barth gave some good advice, I think that wasnt tough. He just made a clear statement how this forum works. To hear something like this in the first day is the best thing that can happen to a newbie.

I wish I knew that from the first day when I look at all the topics I created on every little thing in the beginning :sweat_smile: I mean I didnt asked for spoonfeeding but creating so much topics makes the forum unreadable. Now I only make a topic when I have some value to share or when I have a super-specific question about something that wasnt discussed at all. But even then, you can just add another post to a similar topic. Keeps everything organized here and saves us all a lot of time while reading or searching for something specific.



Roy, you’re sharing some great stuff keep it up and thanks! :wink:

Sorry OP, I wouldn’t be hard with you nor trash talking nor offend you, just wanna clarify, as every now and then, we have someone popping up opening threads, “what’s VPS” “what’s a proxy” “how to add proxy” etc. etc. things that with a “search tour” you’ll solve in a second.

If you’ve some specific questions not discussed, we’re all here to learn and help if we can.


what strategies are you currently familiar with?

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Thank you Barth, I’ll do my best! :muscle:
The Community of this forum is everything!

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Welcome to this forum, enjoy:


This are some good guides to start! @asfgagasga

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Aaaand the best juice:

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Welcome! Your first days/hours at this forum can feel overwhelming to say the least. It took me an entire week to feel like I had a basic grip on things.

The problem is that we can’t just feed every new user with all the info they want, if you’re not willing to put in the work you won’t reap the results. This forum is an amazing place to learn but it’s gonna take many hours of research and experimenting, and the results will follow, but YOU have to do the work yourself.


How come I can’t click any of those linked threads :frowning: it keeps telling me I don’t have access to them.

Maybe be they are lvl2 threads and you are lvl1 that’s why.