AMA – Ask me anything about Linkedin on Jarvee

Hi guys,

I’ve been running many Linkedin accounts on Jarvee and I would like to help you guys with using Linkedin tools on Jarvee so you can ask me anything you want about available tools for Linkedin on Jarvee and based on my experience I try to help you guys out.



What is the number 1 feature you are missing for Linkedin in Jarvee?


Is there a way to like LinkedIn posts by newest?
When it comes to liking by profile activity link, it likes randomly even if the tool is set to last X days.
I can’t seem to get the tool to work as it always likes random posts for 6 months ago.
Support can’t seem to get the tool to work right. Whats’s your experience?

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Did you find a way to mass import emails and connect with people on linkedin with it? Are there any known limitations?

Also :slight_smile: is there a way to bypass the 100 invites per month to a page?


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Probably the tool for extracting Emails from all Linkedin users, not just from 1-st connections. I believe that is the feature that is the most needed these days.

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Are you growing accounts for others, or you run your account and grow some fake accounts for some purposes?

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Only this filter is available when using Like tool and it worked fine for me:


I’ve never noticed that older posts than I’ve asked were liked.

If you’ve noticed that issue, you should really send all the screenshots and files proving to their support and I am sure that they will investigate it and if there is a bug, they’ll fix it.

No, you can’t mass import Emails, you can import particular users based on either their URL or their names to this source in Connector tool

As for limits, I wouldn’t go over 100 connections per day.

Have you checked the limits on this link?

I’ve never sent that many invitations, but as you can see it depends on the number of credits you earn each month so, if not many users are accepting your invitations you’ll not receive those monthly credits back.

Nope, these are my accounts that I’ve been growing over the previous couple of months because I’ve heard that Linkedin has become really strict when it comes to growing accounts so I wanted to test it out.

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Can you please share your Linkedin settings?

If not possible, second question: How many actions (not only connection request but total action count) do you make on Linkedin on one account per day?

Thirdly: do you use a follow up message tool and do you make follow ups over linkedin messages or emails? (from your messages I guess that you make follow ups over email marketing, not on linkedin, right?). And how do you start your funnel? How do you drive your connection into the funnel?

And fourth, where do you buy linkedin accounts :slight_smile:

did I asked too much :)) ( I did this becasue you allowed ama lol )


I recommend using default settings, don’t increase them until you are sure that you’ve warmed up an account properly. I wouldn’t go over 10-15 connection requests per day for fresh accounts and with my warmed up accounts I am going up to 90-100 connection requests per day with the invitation message afterward.

I don’t have particular recommendation for the number of actions in total, but I’ve noticed that as many tools you’ve automated the better trust score your account will gain.

[quote=“ahmethann, post:10, topic:124949”]
Thirdly: do you use a follow up message tool and do you make follow ups over linkedin messages or emails? (from your messages I guess that you make follow ups over email marketing, not on linkedin, right?). And how do you start your funnel? How do you drive your connection into the funnel?

I prefer sending messages via Linkedin over cold Emailing. I think you’ve got better chances of getting a feedback on Linkedin, at least in my case.

Still haven’t been purchasing accounts. I’ve purchased Emails and have been creating accounts in jarvee’s Embedded browser, but before you do that make sure that you assign that account to a proxy and then create the account inside Embedded browser. The best proxies for Linkedin accounts in my case are Highproxies.

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I have this set up like your image shows.
I have also contacted support and they don’t have a solution for this issue.

Thank you for great answer,

In your messages do you put directly your landing page addres or do you have a number of shortened URL version of the same address and do you rotate these shortened addreses randomly?

So in short do you use same URL in your funnel messages or rotate them with different shorteners?


Awesome! I’ve been trying to get some natural traffic to my sites via LinkedIn. Do you have any recommendations for that? One of the sites is more B2B so would fit right in, however, just sharing posts don’t seem to gather any traction.

Do you already need to use some proxy for your accounts? If yes, which type of proxies do you use?

You should probably send them screenshots and files that confirm your issue since it hasn’t been happening to my accounts.

No, but what you can do is to add some of your marketing content and services that you are offering to your profile and then explain a bit about yourself in your text message and then direct them to your profile for more details.
If you want to use links, you should try using bitly but that method could potentially lead to some issues in the future.

Yeah, simple posting probably shouldn’t bring you any traffic. What you can do is to target users from preferred niches, send up to 100 connection requests to them along with the invitation notes that promote your services.


I recommend Highproxies for Linkedin accounts. In my case they’ve proven to be very good.

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Great! I’ll give this a try. I have setup a new account so I’ll take it and grow it slowly.