Anyone good with rooting phones or have better ideas for making accounts?

I want to create more IG accounts and one of the methods on this site recommends rooting my Phone. I have 2 old phones I have purchased solely for creating accounts. One is a Huawei honor lite 9 and the other a samsung galaxy s6. I have spent hours looking at youtube videos on trying to root phones and have no luck.

So, does anyone know of a good method to root these or do you recommend doing it by web browser?

There is much more than just “rooting” your phone that you will need to know, in order to spoof necessary IDs that are tracked. You should better start with 2 alternatives, which are doing it with a Factory reset (changing device ID), or creating from web browser.

Still, creating accounts is not easy, i would recommend you to have a look on the accounts providers of the Marketplace, they aren’t expensive and do their job quite well :+1:


Yeah I know its way more, ive read a lot about it. I have read the one on a web browser and tethering the phones 4g network, using airplane mode etc.

I’m more so wondering whether or not the rooted phone version is better than web browser.

I have created 10 accounts from two phones and they all warm up very fast and run well (these are two different phones, not the ones I will be using). I have also bought lots of accounts and most take forever to warm up and deal with blocks. So, I want to create my own and not have to deal with that over and over.

Phone created accounts have the highest quality hence why you’re seeing the best results.

But as @denis1 have said, it is incredibly hard and difficult to do so without failing. If you’re struggling with rooting your devices you’re like 15% into the process, 20-25% being if you successfully rooted your device. using 4g and ip switching is the very surface of this process.

You would need to look at your device location spoofing, device ID spoofing, google ad account spoofing, phone screen and DPI resolution spoofing, operating system spoofing and many many more little numbers which help apps identify exactly which device it is. Blocking those details used to work but no longer does. And even if you manage to spoof ALL of those important bits, 1 small mistake will result in failure. Some tools which you will need to discover also won’t work too well or sometimes look like it works but IG will be able to bypass it.

Unless you’re VERY tech savvy and extremely determined I would not recommend going down this route. I personally used to do this back in 2019 and successfully created 1k+ accounts. They were hands down the best out there and I legit could bypass warm up stage all together. But at some point IG really improved their security and I could no longer create the accounts. I tried all possible ROM’s I could find, 3 different phones, all apps I could find on device information spoofing from paid to free, from new to old ones. 1 week later of 5-10h daily grind it wasn’t working no matter what, and therefore worth it and went with browser creation instead which up until now sort of works okay.

TL:DR I personally wouldn’t ever try creating accs on the phone as it’s just too hard and may be impossible at this time. I’m almost certain every seller who says they’re phone created is BS. But that’s just my opinion which stems from my painful experience so take it for what it is.


Yeah sounds like a lot of work. would this method work then?

Or is this outdated?
I seem to be tech savvy with jarvee, marketing tools, but not with mobile phones, coding, html etc

Yes that thread won’t get you anywhere. You can get a good idea of what used to work though. But overall if you read mpsocial, consider most of the information which was written before or during 2019 Summer time will be at best outdated and barely viable to worst case completely irrelevant.

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is there any good threads on it? or do I need to check blackhatforums and other places

@BruceSilduk said it all pretty much… What’s left for you to do @heroeslair is to test out yourself, with what you can end up with. Few that automate this process won’t give you any guide or methods, as it’s their business.

As always : test, test, test. But once more, there’s a big learning curve.

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Sweet, Ill try do some research and then make some accounts. The ones ive made thus far are good but making more than five accounts of a device is where things will get difficult.

Factor resetting the phone after each account is enough to create the accounts?

I use iphones and create 1 account per device/ day, then warm it up manually. Up to 10 accounts per phone, then reset and all over again, they work just fine.


do you put them onto jarvee/ automation after warmup? if so how long do you wait?

Do you use an app clone?

I warm up them for 2-4 weeks, not regular actions, not planned approach, just making actions here and there and then I put them to JV. Super slow settings.
I use 10 accounts per phone at once when warming up manually, or even more. Anything more than 5 accounts per phone will red flag them and actions done on mains from these slaves could raise red flags and wont be effective, for example pumping up the reach with them won’t work or even decrease reach on mains.
For following, commenting and liking as slaves, I use very old version of an IG app if that may impact anything.

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yeah was thinking 5 each phone then moving onto JV after two weeks. Problem is that I have heard even a factory reset may not be enough to disguise the new accounts from old

Reset the device, use different sim and you’re a new person. Just go slow on each device.
You can also just buy new phone every 10 accounts and leave them there.

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@SuperSuppe If you don’t play with Google, yes. But if you want to outpass a certain limit, more spoofing is necessary

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So if I use apk only to install apps and skip all google related things I will be fine or will the account get a bad trust score because ig is not able to detect my google ids? How about using xposed to spoof the basic ids, would that be fine or would I still be missing out on some ids?

That is a good question (that no one can really answer, i’m afraid, as it would require a case study).

This method was used in 2019 successfully, but as @BruceSilduk said, it’s a waste of time as IG already blocked this road a few months ago :man_facepalming:

Can you suggest any other software to spoof ids?

I think your solution to the OP lies in how fast you are trying to make accounts.

As a followup on this point, I still use the old methods for account creation. When on a desktop browser, mixed results. But on a phone, solid.

I typically find that the frequency of account creation affects how successful you will be.

It seems the success rate decreases the more accounts are made by specified Identifier metrics (IP, Device ID, App version, etc) in a short period of time. If you reset these, or spread them out, you should be able to still make accounts at a high success rate (meaning you can use them).

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