Ask Me Anything About LinkedIn

Hey guys,

I posted a thread before about some of the stuff that I do for LinkedIn marketing for myself and clients.

I’ve done over $50k in sales from my own personal account, and have helped others (business owners, sales people, etc) generate anywhere between $20k-$150k in sales through LinkedIn.

I posted my process before but now I’d like to take all questions people have about LinkedIn! Whether you want to handle LinkedIn accounts for clients or just get more sales through your own LinkedIn.

Ask me anything about LinkedIn!


First off, thanks for offering your help!

I’m interested in attracting new clients through LinkedIn and I have a couple of questions.

  • How should a good LinkedIn profile look?
  • What should I post to attract business owners and how’s LinkedIn different compared to Facebook?
  • Do you automate your outreach? If yes, how?
  • Did you try LinkedIn ads?

Can you link your process please?

  1. Most people make a huge mistake when setting up their LinkedIn profile if their goal is to sell other people on their services/goods. They focus on their own accomplishments instead of the accomplishments of their clients.

So let’s talk about exactly what that looks like:

Headline: This is what people will see under your name before they connect with you. This should focus on two things. WHO YOU HELP and HOW YOU HELP THEM. This should have some kind of value preposition and filled with industry specific buzzwords where fitting

Profile Picture: Professional but fits your personality. Something that is high quality and elicits trust.

Summary: Nothing too long that people are bored when reading it. Maybe even just 3 paragraphs Expand a bit more on your headline in the first paragraph. In the second, talk about your work! Stuff you’ve done, projects you’ve been on, etc. Third one, finish with a CTA and how a buyer can contact you to work with!

In my experience those are the most important 3 pieces of a profile. Of course your work history should be up to date (but not show too much), have your work skills relevant to what you do, join groups that show your apart of something,

  1. The posts? That’s completely up to you. I focus on stories. With everything that I do I tell a good story. Whether I’m talking about client results, lessons I’ve learned, etc etc. Stories capture the most people and are the most important form of content in any social media.

  2. I speak about my automated outreach methods in my other post.

  3. I do not use LinkedIn ads. In my opinion, for the money, it is much more effective to use LinkedIn sales navigator and use your profile to gain leads.



Seems like I can’t access it, I’m new here. Could you copy paste it perhaps?

Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to give value.

I’d love to talk about what you think of automating the first message and what you think it should say…

Hey, thank you very much for creating this thread!

I have been meaning to start LinkedIn for a while and your other thread was very informative :slight_smile:
From your experience, when cold emailing someone after viewing their profile, what type of messages give the most replies?

In your first message I presume you are asking them a ‘yes’ question?

Meaning, for example: ‘If I could bring you x amount of qualified leads per month (guaranteed) for a very low price, would you be interested in hearing more?’

After the first message do you get them on a call? Or do you have a funnel or a qualification process they go through?

This depends on the level of our client.

Some clients yes, we have a sales funnel that we build and write for them using LinkedIn messaging. Others, we just want to get the conversation started and let the client handle it from there. Generally if we are only sending a first message for our client, then it’s some kind of yes question or a question that just gets the other party engaging.


I focus on an iftt approach. if this then then.

If I could do X for you, would you do Y?


Hey dude I would like to know what do you thin about automation for LinkedIn.

I’m a Lvl 1 user with no access to your topic


Thanks for the post!

Automation for LinkedIn is awesome! I recommend always having LinkedIn Sales Navigator when automating LinkedIn. It makes it completely worth it!

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What are safe numbers of profile visits and connection requests? My profile is old, but I haven’t really used it in the past. About to start posting regular videos with useful information for potential clients and would like to know the best settings.

In the other post I read about a limit of 60. What’s your opinion, @BJTHype?

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Can you promote web site building and Instagram automation successfully this way?

Really good bits of information in here - would love to learn more about the recommended settings to use in Jarvee, unfortunately the other thread mentioned is Lvl2.

Can anyone share their LinkedIn Jarvee settings?

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Absolutely! I’ve sold many Instagram clients from LinkedIn!


What would be your biggest tip for someone trying to get started on Linkedin selling B2B digital services like web design, video editing and the like ? How would soomeone go about getting their first clients a part from optimizing their profile with all the reasons you listed above?