Ask Me Anything About LinkedIn

I appreciate all your help. This is great.

My girl is looking for an online job so she can travel with me - what’s the best way to optimise her Linkedin to increase her chances of this?

Should I automate / grow it for a while to give her social proof?

Hey do you think LinkedIn works best when connecting with local people?

I’ve been playing with it to connect with freelancers and sell them SEO services / digital marketing packages, however maybe 5% of them seem to be accepting the connection requests. I’m sending a general connection request message which includes their name though. I’m connecting with united states based freelancers, being from Europe myself though.
My profile looks fairly nice, however I only have 31 connections as of now so could that be another reason?


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It works with both Local and Non-Local. But they need to have a reason to connect with you. Local breaks that barrier because it’s so easy to say “Okay, they’re also from my area. I’ll accept.”

But, if not local, I’d work on your headline and make it better so freelancers want to connect with you because they might get value from you!

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I understand what you did and I appreciate you for sharing it with us, but here is my deal I own an ecommerce shop where im trying to find new suppliers possibly within the United States and I never tried to do this throu linkedin is this possible ?

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Hey there- thanks for all the great info! I don’t have access to the link you posted (probably because I’m newer to MP Social)… do you have your process in another place where I could read?

Is there a bot to auto follow LinkedIn users like we do with IG?

Potentially! I haven’t done it, but I don’t see why it’s not possible!

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There are a few bots out there. For basic LinkedIn stuff, I recommend Jarvee. For more in-depth stuff, I have a few different tools that I use. I can’t disclose them on here out of respect for this forum.


@BJTHype what actions and how many would you recommend when getting started with LinkedIn automation using Jarvee?

is there anyone who can automate linkedin for me?

Definitely! Shoot me a DM. This is my thread after all :slight_smile:

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What niche is profitable and suitable to be promoted in LinkedIn?

I don’t really have a question but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your tips and knowledge. We need more of that!

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I work with financial advisors, bookkeepers, marketing companies, designers, anyone who is a B2B company or salesperson.

@BJTHype can you dm this information? Please :slight_smile:)

If you deal with B2B Salespeople, how do you deal with the fact that they are employed at a bigger company? This way they might not be able to make the decision themselves and you have to invoice the company?

Hi there! Great Job man!

Are you currently able to do automation with linkedin?

Cause i’m facing some problems with MP

Thank you

Im going to star offering SMM marketing through LinkedIn, would be great to chat through DM.

Ill message you if thats ok closer to the time i set up? Possibly over the weekend.


hey … sorry… what do you mean with J ? Jarvee? ty