Ask Me Anything About LinkedIn

@7057 Add a source tab on the comments tool, this way we can automate the comments on specific feeds and improve the reach of the posts

Hi there… I would like to ask you where do you find your clients?

So do I. I don’t have access into the thread but curious about your connector tool settings

@BJTHype Great info. How much do you charge for your services?

Ive using Linkedin over a year now. It’s definitely a damn good way to get leads and potential sales if you’re targeting and creating the right spintax message.

I have a couple of clients getting daily leads for their businesses but Jarvee’s functions are basic enough to do the job. There’s some competitors that charge $250+ per month but they offer a wide range of additional things like a dashboard, scraping the emails, etc. While also I’ve seen people have 100+ Linkedin profiles and sell endorsements and commenting service. Many ways to develop a Linkedin business with Jarvee.

Linkedin has a lot more business acumen to it (meaning more professionalism and “mature” crowd) - so if you have a business / service / product and can market or communicate it well. Also vice versa you can find some businesses , connections there as well. These are all just based off my experiences with Linkedin so far.


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How can I convert SalesURL to ProfileUrls by MP or any other tool?

If you hit the following in into your LinkedIn browser (salesURL’s) like:

LinkedIn will automaticilly converts it to:

But how to do this by MP or any other tool?

Im using Phantombuster now with 10 accounts but they consume alot of RAM and need to renew after 14 days, Any ideas?

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Thank you for your help, could you let me how to reach more people through Linkedin Posts.

Awaiting for your reply.

Use the LinkedIn social exchange in jarvee or use lempod…

How to increase the number of connection on LinkedIn?

I recommend using Jarvee, it has done the job for me. They even offer a plan only for Linkedin accounts.

If already using it, how I am doing is that I try to use as many tools as possible so that my accounts are doing a variety of different actions.

you can automate the process, Jarvee has a connection tool that can help you send connection to multiple users per day and you can use different sources as well.