Automating likes and follow unfollow without blocks - Updated method 2020

Its been a while since i created a post, so I thought i would share my recent progress with liking and following people. I will make it short and simple

Idea - Not to have the actions be repetitive but randomized. Not just the timing of the actions but also how the actions are done

First decide how many likes would you like to do in one go. I would choose something like 40 likes. Now my idea is to like 40 posts, but i dont want to just keep liking 40 URLs that are scrapped and sent to the main.

So this is how i do it. In my sources, i use the URLs sent from my scrappers. I also use hashtags and explore page and feed.

I set the ranking of URL as 4. Hashtags as 1. Feed as 1. You can include as many as you can. You can also vary the ranking. The idea is to randomize. Now I do 5-9 likes per operation. And i give a random break of 60-120 mins ( Again you can choose this to your liking, 30mins and above will do) after every 6 operations. I will keep the wait time between each operation as 1-3 mins

So what happens is, the tool likes 5-9 posts using hashtags, then again likes 5-9 from URLs and then 5-9 from one of the sources after another 1-3 mins. After about 40 likes (6 operations, it will take rest). This way, we are actually searching for posts and liking like a normal human would do

You can apply the same for following people as well. Hope this helps. Leave a comment if you need any help, i will be happy to help

PS: I wrote this exact method already once, as a reply to a post within another topic. Creating a new one, hoping that it might help many more.


Thanks. This helped me when you originally posted it.

Are you using EB or API?


I use API on all my accounts for all actions


could you show your settings please
this looks like a great idea


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This is pretty smart way to spread things out and make it even more like a human :+1:

Great post. Thanks! How many likes do you set as your daily limit?

good share, thanks :+1: :+1:

Have you found this to make a significant difference in the amount of actions your perform daily?

I remember this being mentioned in the past, but when i tried it I didn’t notice any difference in the amount of actions I was doing daily then what I was doing before trying it. Maybe you have some further insight?

This, i believe depends on the account. If it was not abused before either with very high number of actions leading to blocks or bad proxies leading to blocks, the likes can be higher than 700 a day. If the accounts did have blocks previously, I observed that about 400 is a safe limit

I have a few accounts which dont get blocked even after doing 800+ a day for over a month along with 200 follow and unfollows. I have a few accounts which scream after a few days itself even when i do 400 a day. And when they do, i just rest them for a day and resume without resulting in any hard blocks

It reduced the blocks on accounts which previously had blocks on the first day, within 100 likes itself. Or follows.

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Thanks this is helpful! Automation certainly isn’t “dead”, it’s just harder and needs us to become more creative

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Wow 400 to 800+ likes. Awesome to hear.

What kinda proxies you using?

Are you using contextual actions in your 5-9 actions per operation?


Do you have a screenshot showing you hitting 800+ likes a day for a month? I remember I asked you for that back in June.

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does it depend on acounts trust score? or age,proxy,warmup

And i remember posting the screenshot back in June. The information is free of cost. If you dont want to believe, please move on. I am not posting information here to prove that I am a demi god, anyone can do this if they take some time to test. I post here just with the intention of helping others. I am not selling any services. So i DONOT want to post screenshots of my settings for every post to prove what i post.

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If you are asking about the limits, unless they are freshly created accounts, it wont depend on the age. If they are only a week old or less, i would advise to keep it to 200 a day and increase later.

Proxy - Either you will be able to do many or none at all depending on the quality. If you get a block after 2 days of it working fine, it is not because of the proxy. Proxies will create problems right from day1 if they are already flagged

Warm up - Many believe that warm up is a good thing. My use of accounts in completely different, where i send DMs - I send 50Dms a day right from Day 1. So i cannot answer this, i donot have enough information and samples to observe

For likes, i use residential proxies and they are truly residential. You can test with your home WIfi and it it works, may be Henry Coopers proxies will work fine for you. They are the best as far as i know

i dont use contextual since we are already randomizing the actions

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You did not show the like activity screen from the past two weeks for the impressive 800+ likes. Look up your last thread. No one is asking you to post your settings, I was asking about the like activity screen. It seems unbelievable to me that you could like 800+ for a month like you said, which is why I asked to see the likes hit for the last 2 weeks. But like you said, you are not obligated to prove something that is as easy as taking a screenshot

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Thanks for sharing information. I appreciate it.

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And i am telling you to your face, I DONOT want to post any proofs. Feel free to ignore all my posts. Posting a screenshot takes time to black out the usernames and my email ID for M and J etc. I dont have the time to do that, nor do i even want to put in any effort.

This is only for those who actually own Jarvee licences currently and are actively automating. They would know the possible limits. This is not for someone waiting to jump in only when things are easy peasy. To those people, these numbers will always seem unattainable.

Come back tomorrow and i will post the screenshot, only for this time