Can not loggin Instagram (Help Us Confirm You Own This Account)

When it was all said and done, this solved it for me.

Albeit, the accounts I have on my Android have a longer process, every other account was fixed by doing this.

Much gratitude for you sharing this.

Best of luck to anyone else working on reaccessing their accounts

Can you please help me? i just made a account for this website because I don’t know how else to get help getting back into my account.

WTF just happened?! I just visited my personal account, then I saw that one of the pages I grow had liked my picture!? It was in the “Help us confirm you own this account” loop, and I have not touched it for days, then now Jarvee or something fixed it for me lol (I have auto email validation on, maybe thats why? idk)

So did u try login into that account? Is it accessable now?

No, I have not logged into that account, but it stays as “Valid” or now, “Nightmode”. But I have no idea how that happend

EDIT after 10min:
WTF IS HAPPENING, now an other account of mine that were in the loop, liked a photo on my personal account, and when I checked Jarvee, its now valid!? (yes, I use the like engagement to boost my own accounts)

You should try and login to check whether the account is okay or not and report to us :grinning:

Maybe the new J update is helping some of us
On my side it’s giving me the following message: “could not find the secure account button”

Hey guys!

I’ve managed to regain access to my account.

I tried the Opera VPN thing multiple times with different locations, clearing cache.
Tried Tor aswell multiple times, but it didn’t help.
Reset my password probably around 40 times, getting the right mail each time, but when clicking the link it was taking me back to the same “Help us confirm you own this account page”.

What I did was:

  1. Open Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Write in your email / username.
  3. Press “Get help Signing in.”
  4. IMPORTANT. Do NOT press next. Press “Need more help?”.
  5. Choose prefered method of validating account. I went with “email” as it was the only option I had.
  6. Write in the 6 digit code you got by email / sms.
  7. Confirm your email, confirm your phone and confirm your FB (if you have it linked).
  8. Choose new password.
  9. You will regain access to your account (kinda, for me atleast it wasn’t loading any posts or stories until I did the next step).
  10. IMPORTANT. Log in to your account using your new password on desktop (instagram . com) and confirm the locations with the “Yes, this was me” button.

Hope this helps.


can you make a video…I had trouble at step 5

I had trouble at step 5. When i Press “Need more help?” (step4) >>>>> Help Center

You should try it on the phone you most frequently used to login to the account. Check out these threads [MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" [SOLUTION] How to Submit A Support Request to Instagram - Get Help Signing In maybe they will help.

Hi Antonio! I’ve watched your video and followed along multiple times and when I paste the link into the vpn browser it either brings me to the same “help us confirm this is your account” page or it says “invalid link”

Where is the option for “get help signing in”? I only see “need more help?”

Have this problem too!! anyone help!!

The opera +VPN method doesn’t work anymore. Your best bet would be to contact IG support. [MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" [SOLUTION]

So will i be able to log back into my account?

And i made a oops i didnt mean to remove my email now what can i do?:sob::sob:

No much at this time. A Media Partner with Facebook/IG could help you there, but finding a reliable and “real” one is rather hard (since exchanging favors like this for money is against the ToS). So it will either cost a good sum or you simply get scammed in the process.

Please i need help my Instagram