Confirm Your Info on the App

Hi, Have anyone encountered after doing captcha. Instagram will inform you “Confirm Your Info on the App”

But what’s weird is I verified the captcha using my actual phone (APP).

Then when I’m trying to login with that account using the app. Entering my username and password, it will just go all black.

When I tried logging in using my laptop (browser) , it will say confirm your info on the App.

So what should I do now? Anyone experiencing this as well?

Thank you!


Is this a “legit” account?

this account is newly created

That’s IG new verification type, you can check out this thread for more info:

I’m not sure why it shows black screen after you entered the username and password, Can you try to log in on another phone? or try to re-install your IG app, and see if it will fix the issue.

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Thank you! I’ll try that one

Same here. A dozen scraper accounts got Captcha tody. After completing, instead of the usual entering phone number step, it went to confirm your info on the app message instead. But when login from the phone, it’s just go to a blank screen.


I also have the same issue I think their sign up process is screwed or at least flawed. Signed up username and password accepted. Then says login on phone so using the same details I login on the phone and its a blank screen. Can’t do anything to complete the setup process. Cant request password reset as it says the account doesn’t exist. Cant sign up again as it says the email and username are already in use. Have received the code number and entered it before this and now can’t so anything.

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I’ve had the same exact thing happen to me. Started about 3 days ago, and it’s been the same every time I check. I’ve had it happen on multiple phones as well. I can’t really find any information any where else, and I’m glad you’re all posting about it, as it hasn’t been easy to find anything about this error (just here, and no fix yet). This is the image I get when trying to log in. I have existing account, and created a page for a business. When trying to log in with the new account, this is the result (after confirming through email with the code and such)


What happened when you logged in to the account on your phone? Did they show you
blank page too instead of a page to take a selfie video?

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I have same issue when try to login my account.
Is there any solution?

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I’ve noticed a similar issue and when trying to login via Phone App I just bump into the black screen and nothing happens. Not really sure how to deal with that issue.

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I tried with iPhone now. Opened the selfie page but video cant upload.

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I was trying with Samsung Android Phone and tried for a couple of accounts and I am bumping into the same black screen issue.

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For me, on the phone, it was the blank page, not the Lock image with the Confirming Your Info message. The lock image was from my PC login.

I have the same problem. Created a new Instagram account with an old yahoo email. After confirming with code on email, logged in from desktop and had that “Confirm Your Info on the App” screen. Logged in from phone and had the exact same “Confirm Your Info on the App” screen. Updated app and deleted cache (and reinstalled app afterwards) and now instead I get a completely blank (white) screen.

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How do I recover my account? Did you find a solution?

You can try this method, maybe it will work on your account.

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Hey! I know its been quite a time since this issue occurred with you, I just wanted to know that is the app working okay now?

Or what did you do further for resolving it?

Not sure about the other use, but I can say that I’m not struggling with this message. Client accoutns getting hit. Usually I will solve the error for them on my end but this time there’s nothing I can do and not sure what to do about it.

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Yes I have the same problem. It’s just a blank white page and no where to take video selfie :frowning: What to do ???!