Good ways to monetize my traffic

Could you suggest me what to do… For example i have some video software and people downloading it from me (promoting via fb and instagram) and they are doing cpa offer to get it. If there is another good way to monetize them? conversion rate is not very good sometimes i got like 1k people daily from all around the world mainly usa, uk ,france germany but epc is like 0.02$

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WONDERFUL! Thanks @Johnny

ok thank you! Johnny. Will be waiting for suggestions

First off In my opinion, I dont condone that type of software, nor do I think its good to discuss this on the forum (Most fourms even BHW have strict rules about this). To keep the integrity of the forum, I would remove that word from your message as its not very important, and will prevent that from being indexed on search engines. The choice is completely up to you though (or an Admin haha) :slight_smile:

##How to get more downloads for yoru CPA offer

  • Create a more informative landing page

  • Make your CPA look less CPA like (People are getting smarter, and know when not to proceed)

  • Make sure your CPA offer is working well. Try using different computers and make sure once the CPA offer is complete it allows access to the program.

I personally have completed many CPA offers and then realize it did not accept my information, or the offer did not acknowledge that I completed the offer. This is a big problem with lots of CPA offers. Most people will give up after their first attempt.

  • Promote your CPA on more than just facebook. The more places you post, the more click you will receive, and the more money you make. For example if I am promoting a CPA offer on one IG account and makes me $5 a day, I will create 20 IG accounts all promoting the same CPA and now im making $100/day.

  • Target your audience better. If your software is in the video editing category make sure to target the followers of accounts which post content relating to video editing, graphic design, etc.

  • Think in your viewers or clickers shoes. If you were them, would you click your CPA? Would you want something to change such as the information provided?

This should get you on track. If anyone else want to chime in please do!

If I said anything that was inaccurate please correct me or share your opinion on the matter.


Hey Brandon, Thanks so much for sharing the info.

I’m pretty new to MP, IM…
Just wondering which one generates more money using MP in your experience? - affiliate links - VSL, clickbank, amazon, CPA - adworkmedia ?..

I think promoting affiliate VSL pages with solid sales funnels selling high ticket products would be more worth it… what do you think?..

=> I’m wondering what your well converting landing pages look like typically?

Do you also use SEO, blogging?

wondering how I should balance quantity vs quality to generate more profit more quickly using MP… any suggestions?..

Many Thanks!

Hey @ajfrank no problem :slight_smile:

This is completely subjective to what you are promoting. Its more the product or service and less of the method. I cant really go into much detail about this without exposing my methods, but just try and think outside the box. Find cool and unique items which you are passionate about (otherwise you will burn out), and you know others would enjoy. Put yourself in your viewers/clickers shoes and ask yourself if you would follow your account, click your link, and buy whatever you are promoting. If the answer is no, then you either need to improve your content, targeting, or move to a different ideas. Have friends or family provide you with constructive criticism. They have a new set of eyes, and may shock you with their perspectives as they may see something you cant.

Unfortunately I keep my current business strategies private so I cant show you any of my examples. Just make sure to have quality information on your landing page. Tell people more about what you are offering, and provide pictures, and or a video. You dont want a big ass button that says BUY NOW or anything like that. You want to keep it looking less spam like, and more official and professional. Remember you wont get sales unless you have trust.

Speaking of trust, by gaining more followers, and comments, on your accounts, you will automatically gain more trust from your potential clickers.

Creating quality landing pages takes a long time. So to speed up the process, spend a few weeks on just one landing page. Really put your heart and sole into it. Pick a great website theme that is both visually appealing, simple, and is mobile friendly. Add everything else you need on the page. Now that you have a fully functioning quality landing page, copy all the website files to a new directory (essentially creating a new website). Once the files are in a new directory, erase anything which is unique to that specific CPA offer or whatever. Now you are left with a template. Copy that template when you create more landing pages. They will all have the same appearance, but some different content which relates to your CPA. Now you will be blowing out landing pages left and right which are quality, and take the same amount of time compared to just your basic landing page.

“Think Smarter Not Harder”
“Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait”


There are so many ways, and I think people tend to rush too much.

I’ve always wanted to make money from Amazon Affiliate, and never given it enough time.

These CPA offers freak me out, and I have no idea how people make money from them. I signed up to OG ads and started playing around with it but didn’t feel right.

Much prefer the traditional good content leading to advertising revenue - even if I only make a few pounds along the way!


Hey Brandon,
Thanks so much for your thorough reply. it means a lot as I feel very overwhelmed by so much info available online…

I totally understand you want to keep your business strategies private…
Do you mind giving a few examples of good CPA landing pages that are not yours?..

I’ve seen a few successful affiliate websites such as
very content rich which is very time consuming and not feasible for newbies like me…

So I’d like to see a good examples of CPA landing pages that newbies can start with…

Do you recommend promoting one campaign or multiple campaigns or banners in one page?..

Also I’ve heard people saying ugly looking pages convert better… what’s your take on this?..

Many Thanks!

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No Problem :slight_smile: Fact Of The Day: Every 6 months, the internet doubles in information.

Not to mention nearly everything is controversial online, so this is why I try and write the pros and cons for each reply as there is no such thing as a perfect answer.

This landing page seems a bit to overwhelming. I dont even know where to look. In my personal opinion I would have much less click-throughs with a site like

I prefer the more simple, yet informative landing page. Color scheme white, dark grey text, light grey text boxes (slightly darker than the background), and a feature color such as blue, red, orange, green or something which makes your CPA stand out. This will help your clickers to know where to click next. You basically want to have good content (to make the page look legit), but direct their eyes to the feature color to secretly direct them where to click without the use of arrows, and other flashy (tacky) methods. This method is basically gaining the trust of the viewer instantly without even reading much of the content. I will always use either a picture or a video since they say a thousands words, and people now days are more likely to watch a video vs read an article.

Bottom line, keep it simple, yet content rich (not to the point of clutter), with a feature color, and a picture or video.

Completely depends on whether or not the campaigns are relevant to each other and if they look spam like or not. Remember you are looking for quality. Placement is also important as your other campaigns are the second priority, so they should not stand out more than your featured campaign.

I can see both sides to this, and I think balance needs to come into play. I think people will take this and go to the extreme. I personally would never use an ugly page. Clean and simple is what I prefer.

Take a look at BootStrap themes and website examples. They are super clean, simple, and compatible on every device which is perfect for Instagram since most of your visits are coming from smartphones.

This is based on my own experience of what I have found to work the best. Others may have success using other methods so keep your mind open to other ideas, or mix mine with someone else’s idea to create the perfect landing pages.

It may be worth it to purchase a premium template which you can then utilize on all your landing pages. Its worth it if you can use the template for unlimited sites.


@BrandonBerner I read your response on creating landing pages on different websites. Which service do you use? I either make them in Pixlr then upload the html thru a ftp or I use LeadPages. If i just copy either the html from the one I made on Pixlr and upload it thru ftp. to a new domain, would that be enough of a change so that Instagram does not see it as a duplicate? Same thing with LeadPages, if i just cloned a landing page, then uploaded a new domain to the landing page, would that be enough for a complete change in the eyes of Instagram?

I have done this with no problems, however I personally add a bunch of links which are not seen by visitors however they are seen by IG crawlers. This hides my CPA link in the crowd of other links and lowers my footprint to an extent. Every now and then I will change some content around, add new links for the crawlers. If I am creating 100 landing pages for the same niche, I create 10 different landing pages which all look unique, then I will duplicate them 10x. This way I only have 10 landing pages which look similar not 100.


what wordpress theme do you use and what software to create landing pages?

I created my own theme within wordpress which is super simple. I just add the content I need, and its finished.

I dont use any other software unless you are talking about Plugins for wordpress, in that case I use different ones depending on what I want to acheive.

so which plugins do you use? i’ve never heard of creating your own theme. I am curious as to how you are building landing pages and monetizing them because i have been using my 100 ig accounts mostly to collect email addresses with opt-in pages but i am making almost no $ with this method.

Here is a tutorial on how to create your own Wordpress Theme

Its not easy to do, and is not really that important. You can easily just download a free theme or purchase a premium theme which is simple and mobile friendly.

I personally wanted to create my own theme so it is streamlined exactly to my specifications, and does not use any resources that I do not need to use. This speeds up loading time, and lowers the bounce rates.

The plugins that I use change depending on what type of landing page I want to create. I tend to use as little as possible. If I need a contact forum I use the Contact Forum 7 plugin. If I want an Live Chat feature I use etc.

There is obviously something wrong with your setup. Below is a link to a reply I made which you may find useful.

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i use leadpages for all my opt-in pages so it is definitely mobile friendly. yeah i get about 80 leads a day, promote a few cpa products and can’t really make any money and i have been at it for 2 years. looking for someone to help me out but it seems nobody really wants to do that keep all the secrets to themselves. ive watched more skillshare and youtube videos than anybody and it always seems you get 90% of what you need to know but the 10% missing is the key part that i just cant get to work.

Its so true. I faced the same problem. I spend a long time researching, and trying different methods until I finally found one that worked. They key is to keep trying new methods, and stay open minded. Most people do not want to share since it increases competition and lowers the profits for everyone else. Got to be creative.

If your getting leads but no money, then either your offers are not worth it, or you are not targeting your audience the right way.

Keep trying! and best of luck!

thanks but i am promoting the best offers for my niches, i just cant get anyone to buy. it sucks because getting 2,000 leads a month with an email list over 20k i should easily me making $200 per day. i cant make that every two weeks and i feel like im close to killing it but cant find that secret sauce.