[GUIDE] [2019] ๐Ÿš€ Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!


dindโ€™t work with kingo root, was stucked at 0,1% :frowning:


You said we have to clear the RAM. What is with the cache? Dont we have to clear it both?


Donโ€™t use KingoRoot. Go to XDA forum and look for instructions on how to root your device.
There are a few articles in XDA why you should never use KingoRoot - it causes too much issues - improper root, bootloops and so on.


I tried to clone the Gmail app but it always crashes. Do you know why?


Try device emulator! Itโ€™s super super resourceful and and does so much in one module!


@roy pretty sure clearing ram also clears cache

@WEEKEND stay away from one click root options if possible


Okay thank you :slight_smile: @Dconley
I planned on creating Gmail accounts through the same process in a cloned Gmail app. But it seems that Gmail doesnt work when cloned. Now I try to create my Gmail accounts with this

method: https://mpsocial.com/t/method-stop-buying-accounts-with-a-smartphone-you-can-create-50-daily/57149


I wonder why that topic is on lvl2 while it is fully accessible on the other forums hahaโ€ฆ


I didnt realized until now :smile:
When I was Level 1 few days ago it was public for all.


Oh lolโ€ฆ Man really canโ€™t wait till I am lvl 2, need a good source for bulk accs hahaโ€ฆ :sweat_smile:


Can we upgrade app cloner to new version ? i did install your app cloner but isnโ€™t premium i can only clone 1 ig.


You need only one. When you leave the app the footprints get whiped.
That was something I also didnt understand by the very first time reading this guide.:smile::+1: @WEEKEND


thank you, i did understand now, i didnโ€™t know why my account dissapear every time and is was: wtf? now i have unistall and install again this? :))


Just clone the app one time, make the settings and open/close the app for every account you create. Make sure you clear the RAM from the app / from your phone. @WEEKEND


I feel stupid, but how do you clean the RAM? Closing the app doesnโ€™t clean itself? @roy


My first try with this method: I created an account with protonmail attached to it and got instant ban.


same on a gmail .

  1. Try Gmail account: instant ban

Must be something that is not setup right in the app cloner i think so. Something gets still leakedโ€ฆ


The GSF is not changed from AppCloner, on top of this the Instagram app creates a file on your root folder with an ID that is read each time the app opens and itโ€™s not deleted by AppCloner.


Can you change / remove this things manually? @WannaCryyy