[GUIDE] Create and Grow twitter account. [Adult Niche Exemple]


First, this is my first ever thread about a method, so please be kind.
I am not sure if this will count in the current Giveaway Context, but whatever the sole purpose of this is to help some of you that want a clever method to grow on twitter.

We all know automation on twitter is hard as Instagram now, even if I found Instagram less hard and much accessible for many of us if you know what you are doing.

Before jumping into the good stuff, let’s list what you will need.

What we need:

  • Residential proxies for accounts creation
  • Mobile proxies to run accounts
  • Real Sim card: I will explain later why you need a real sim card.
  • Subreddit of your niche: I will also explain why you need it.

Twitter account creation:

  • Install Firefox with these add-ons: Canvas Defender, Disable WebRTC, Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker
  • Add your residential proxies information to firefox
  • Change your firefox privacy options to Never save browsing information.
  • Search for twitter on and click on the first google link.
  • Use your email to register, you can use cheap mail ru or use Gmail accounts.
  • During the accounts creation process, add the profile pics/logo/brand and the description.
  • Follow the suggested accounts and your source niche accounts. Twitter allows searching for the hashtag and accounts right during the creation process.
  • Add in the website line something likes: DM for exclusive hot videos. The purpose is when someone DM sends a short video + after your affiliate link.
  • When the creation is successful, do some normal actions, post your first tweets as recommended, finish to set up your profile and tweets it also.
  • Likes your source’s accounts posts.
  • When profiling your accounts, add your main keywords and 2 or 3 LSI keywords in your Bio. Twitter page rank on google.
  • Add accounts to your automation tools and let it rest for 24/48h

If everything was done well, you successfully created a good twitter account.
PS: Create max 5 accounts per IP with your residentials proxies.

For those who have Jarvee.
You can use Jarvee to create an account directly in the tool.

  • Add a new twitter accounts Name it as you want
  • Click on Browse and enable manual browsing.
  • Here create your account.
    Repeat this process for each new Twitter account you want to add.
    I used the same process to create gmail/yahoo/hotmail accounts manually.

Growth Strategy
So my growth strategy isn’t only on automation, I use both organic and automation.
Let’s say I run an account in the adult niche with 0 followers. My source accounts will be everything related to the adult niche. You can found many of these on twitter.

  • List all posts with a lot of interactions (retweet & Likes) / We will use these as sources.
  • Reddit can be your content source, people are posting short video that are perfect for twitter video.

For automation:

  • Mobile proxies of the same locations that the Residential proxies you use to create your accounts.
  • Likes/favs your source accounts tweets - 10/Day and increases each day +13 until it reaches 150 - 300/Day.
  • Follow max 200/day
  • Skip people, inactive users to avoid bot and dead accounts.
  • Don’t unfollow the same day or at the same time.
  • I recommend to set up the following tools to unfollow automatically when it reaches 3k
  • For Content, create a campaign into Jarvee or whatever tools you use for this.
    If you are using Jarvee, as a source of content use: Monitor folder options to add a previously created folder with the content you found on Reddit or ig, etc.

For the adult niche, you have many subreddit with unlimited content. It’s easy to plan content for weeks/months.

  • I recommend max 20 tweets/day to start, with 18 tweets related to your niche with no promotion and 2 tweets to promote your offer.

PS: Maybe it’s because of covid-19 and lockdown but the crackrevenue offer MyFreeCams convert really well atm.

Organic growth:

  • RT your best tweets 1-3 times a day.
  • DM accounts in the same niche as yours with relatively the same number of followers to create a DM group where you RT each others’ content, Likes and give feedback on tweets and content.
  • You can create DM groups directly within the website and invite other pages or people that said yes.
    If you are in the Adult niche don’t hesitate to contact less-known actress with the same following.
  • Share your tweets links video to your target subreddit.
  • If you are running many accounts in the same niche, make them fav + retweet your tweets.
  • Share twitter video links to your target subreddit.
  • Pin your best tweets video or images.

During the automation, you will have some captcha and PV, it’s good if you PV with a real phone number.

Hope you like it. I certainly forgot many things so don’t hesitate to ask, I will try my best to help.

I will make another more conventional guide on how to grow personal twitter accounts and sell your skills into twitter directly. :see_no_evil:




how many accounts are you managing with this method and what are some of your metrics ? like avg click thru rates / conversions thanks

Thanks for the detailed tutorial. Cheers

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2k+ acounts. I don’t promote the same offer.
For 20k click I can have 2k conversions in the adult niche.


2k accounts , how many hands you got helping you manage all that ?

Thank you for sharing!

All on automation.
Twitter automation when done well run smoothly.

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Wow you have 2000 twitter accoutns and all on 4g proxies? How many accounts per one 4g? You must pay fortune monthly for that ;ddd

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With twitter you can go up to 15.
It’s cost not too much if you setup your own mobile proxies, that’s what I did since here phone plan with unlimited options don’t cost much.


Mind showing us some stats? Would be interesting to see what your stats are for running 2k accounts.

I do adult cpa, but I automate mobile apps for traffic. I never got into Twitter due to the fact you need sims, else you’re stuck doing 50-60 follows a day.

This is really good guide. I am also in Twitter adult niche, but your results are amazing :-O. Whats your average earnings per account per month? You are doing mainly DM+video or majority of your leads come from link in posts?

So residential is only 50 to 60 and mobile is 200?

How good are dm’s working? Im kinda afraid of using them

Pls . Can you pls tell me how you created your own proxy :slightly_smiling_face:

No no… 50-60 is the average to prevent phone verification. If you’re using real sims, you can push the numbers higher as you’ll be able to phone verify the account. 200/day, everyday isn’t advised despite what type of proxy you use usem

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Hello, i’m late here, I use a guide sold on BHW to create the mobile proxies.

which proxy providers do you recommend?

Would you make each account firefox portable?

Pls can you send me the link pls

How do you deal with phone validations? Do you buy a Google Voice or something?

I use smartproxies for residential proxies.