[GUIDE] Linkedin Cold Outreach Lead Gen 2022

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you my newest method of doing Linkedin cold outreach automation.

I am currently doing this on 100+ Linkedin accounts for me and for all of my high-ticket clients who need B2B Lead Generation & Appointment Setting.

It took me a while to explain the reasoning behind it, so you might want to bring a cup of coffee with you.

TL;DR - Shoot the pitch inside the connection note, hook them in with the first line by addressing their current HUGE issue, explain them your solution using Loom videos.

For the other folks who take their Linkedin prospecting game seriously…without further ado.

Most people right now are doing the “I am not here to sell you…nevermind I am” kind of approach.

Looks a bit like this.

Connection note:
Hi [FIRSTNAME], I saw that you are [TITLE] at [COMPANY].

I think that’s awesome because of [REASON].

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Message #1:
[FIRSTNAME], quick question, are you interested in buying stuff from me?

Here’s why you should buy it from me.

Let me know if buying from me might interest you, [FIRSTNAME]!

I love helping people like you, it’s like my favorite thing, but hurry or I won’t ever help you again.

Message 2,3,4
[FIRSTNAME], you saw my last message? Not for you? Let me know so I can cross you of my list.
[FIRSTNAME] you here?

The main idea behind it is to fool people initially, into thinking that you are a good human being who wants to offer value.

The morality of it doesn’t bother me, but it simply does not work.

You’ll rarely get a high-quality decision-maker into buying anything, and if they DO, it’s not because of this trick, it’s because they actually REALLY needed what you have to offer in the first place and they buy it DESPITE that silly attempt of building rapport.

This brings me to my new(er) method.

You can use www.loom.com to create a short 1 min video that explains your solution, and you can embed it inside your connection note.

The connection note should look something like this.
[FIRSTNAME], here’s your pain, here’s our solution + guarantee/track record, we made YOU a video.


[FIRSTNAME], failure to generate [OUTCOME] is what held [YOUR COMPANY] back, all these years…

We’ve helped [NUMBER] clients in [INDUSTRY] solve this.

I made you a 1-min video explaining how:

There are 2 big differences between these 2 methods.

1 The loom video helps tremendously by building trust since they can actually see a real person behind the Linkedin account, making it much more personal.

  1. As I’ve said initially, if they buy from you they need the service anyway, you are not fooling anyone.

However, with the initial method, you rely on them ACCEPTING the connection in the first place, and in 70% of the cases, they will not, so this is a huge bottleneck for the number of pitches you ACTUALLY send.

Also, no matter what method you use, at some point you will need to tell them about what you think their problem is.

If you fail that, and you miss your target, they will lose all interest, it’s COLD outreach after all.

This leave you with 2 options.

You either do it manually, and open up conversations to avoid screwing things up in 1 sentence.


You do it automated and you just shoot this message in the FIRST LINE.

If they need it, they will watch your video, or go to your presentation/website/booking link etc.

This results in you sending 4 times more pitches and it’s all automated so you don’t waste ANY time talking to them, asking questions about their dog and how their trip to Bali went.


There is a huge problem with shooting your pitch inside the connection note using Jarvee.

If someone replies, Jarvee doesn’t have the option of NOT following up with extra messages, which will 100% ruin all the trust you’ve built.

Imagine this conversation:

[FIRSTNAME], I made you a personalized 1-min video explaining this huge issue that you are facing.

They reply:
Awesome, I really like this, how soon can you get started?


Okay, sounds interesting, can you give me some more info about it?

[FIRSTNAME], have you watched that video yet? Look, if you are not interested in working with me just let me know.

[FIRSTNAME]? Are you still here?

In order for this to be fixed we need this:

Message #1 inside the Search and Contact tool needs to start with → If reply send this / If no reply send Message #1 just like the rest of the messages

So when the sync starts and the user status updates to Accepted, before the Search and Contact tool sends the first message, it first needs to check if the user sent us any replies to the connection note.

Hope everything is clear, if you have any questions or need any help let me know.

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Great post, I really like this approach for messaging…I use personalized videos in my messaging but only once they connect… I don’t use jarvee for LinkedIn because of the reasons that you talk about…

You can send a feature request to the support team for this thing to be considered by the Development Team.

I love the idea of the follow-up messages being short, and it indeed make it sound like a real human is following up with the user.

Really interesting, we’ve been doing LinekdIN outreach for a while so I was quite surpised about the directness of the invitation message, what’s your experience with this vs a “less aggressive” approach?

I’m also testing a new automation solution that told me they could do 100 invitations per day and 700 per week, which would be groundbreaking in comparrison to 100 per week…

This is a great strategy. Especially with using Loom videos.

Like the first commenter said, I still like to establish just a little bit of rapport before pitching. I don’t do Linkden marketing, but I find on Instagram if I take a little time and ask or mention something specific on their profile I get around 70% replies. These are from recent followers.

If I send a well written initial contact message and they can’t even heart it…it’s not worth wasting my time with a pitch.

I just think building a little bit of initial rapport helps a lot. But that’s just me.

I had this happen before

“Would you be interested in hearing more?”


“Great! What’s the best phone number to reach you on?”


I like the idea of using a video. However face video… not great when all of your profiles are different people

You think it would be better to do this and use the same face across all accounts? Maybe I should try! :grinning:

QUESTION: Haven’t used LinkedIn in a while but I used to. Can you not put the video link in “Connection note”?

Interesting! I will definitely try this shortly :slight_smile:

You can, that’s exactly the method, link straight in the connection note.

You only connect to around 30% of the people at best.

It’s a matter of, is the extra rapport really making the 70% difference?

This way, everyone sees your pitch. By waiting to establish rapport, you only get to pitch maybe 10%, and also, it’s not like they REALLY know you…it’s a tiny bit of rapport, it barely makes a difference even inside a sales call.

I think if you do the rapport method perfectly, it beats this faster method, but it takes much more work, and it’s hard to replicate across multiple campaigns.

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The 700 connections is a false claim.

They simply do email drip feed, which is alright, but Linkedin cracked down on that as well, so be careful.

Also, you can do the email drip feed with Jarvee as well.

For newcomers, what they do, they scrape the emails of your target audience, and connect you through them using the import by email feature, BUT you can’t personalize it, AND it’s not for free.

Exactly right - only 10% of people accept the connection request - it seemed like a waste of time so I gave up on LinkedIn and went to cold email instead

However your idea is brilliant, you can get everyone reading the pitch this way. I’m going to try this!

Thanks for the guide, it looks super advanced. I’ll definitely apply some of the stuff from here. Cheers :pray:

I am glad you guys like the method, took me a while to come up with it, and I don’t think anyone else is doing it right now.

The problem with it, and the reason why I requested a feature, is that if you send your pitch inside the connection note, Jarvee will keep sending them automated messages even if the user replies to the pitch.

Even if you simply ask a question inside the connection note, which you probably should to get the conversation going, Jarvee keeps on sending out messages after the user replies.

By being able to select what message gets sent after the connection was accepted, depending if the user replied or not, we can come up with WAY more strategies to make it seem not automated and to keep the trust going.

Please share your thoughts on this.

It’s a great post, I really like this approach to writing

How about if you initially send a connection campaign, then send a message campaign based on the tag?

This will allow people to respond without the worry of another message going out…

If you’ve set up sending invitation notes with for example Connector tool and then you’ve used Search and Contact tool then there is a possibility that the same people will be contacted more than once.

If I’m not mistaken, there is an option in the global settings that allows you to tell each linkedin account not to message/connect to the contacts made by another account.

It should be under Settings > Social Networks > LinkedIn.

Yes, but that is if you want to avoid sending connection requests to the same people from your multiple accounts.

This works.

The only real issue now is…

The message sequence who should message ONLY if the user has NOT replied, messages anyway…unless the LAST message in the conversation is a reply from the user.

But of course, if someone replies to the campaign, we again will follow up on them manually, so the tool will consider that the user has not replied, and keep on blasting them with messages.