How I grow Linkedin accounts using Jarvee

This has always been my favorite time of the year in mpsocial, because the Giveaways always brought a lot of very useful and quality content from the most experienced among us. I hope this year will not be any different :slight_smile: That’s why I’ve decided to give my small contribution to the contest and to all of you and I hope you’ll find it useful.

Probably many of you have faced same problems when trying to automate and grow Linkedin accounts that are either just created or that are only a couple of weeks old. Long gone are the days when you could just add a new Linkedin account to Jarvee, automate all actions, put some high daily limits on your tools, start tools and get leads. It still works, but it’s not that easy as it was before.

Linkedin has become very attractive and lucrative Social Platform, and obviously as more and more people are using it for spamming, generating leads, etc., they’ve made their rules much more strict and therefore you need to really warm up your accounts before you’ll be able to automate them.

What I’ve been doing recently is, after I create or purchase a Linkedin account, I add it to Jarvee and leave it hanging for a couple of days after I verify it. Of course, proxies are essential, use 2-3 Linkedin accounts per proxy.

After that, I make sure that my account is edited properly, and that I’ve added as many details as possible to make it unique and legit. Then I start doing actions manually, via Embedded browser. So, all the actions that you would be doing automatically, I start doing them manually and that period would last up to one month.

During that period of time, I am sending Connection requests and I start from 10 requests per day, followed by a message in the first couple of days and then I increase them up to 50 connection requests at the end of the month. I am usually sending at least 4-5 different message texts.

Also, I am joining groups and for these actions, I start with 1-2 joins per day in the first couple of days to 5-6 joins per day at the end of the warm-up period.

The entire period of that time I am monitoring for the new connection requests that my account is getting, accepting them, scrolling through Dashboard and liking some random posts, as a normal human behavior would be.

After that, your account’s first warming-up phase is done. Then I start the 2nd period of account’s growth where I combine automation and manual actions. This period should also last for at least one month. During that period of time, I set up limits on automation to about 20-30 connection requests followed with invitation notes. In parallel, I am sending another 20-30 connection requests manually inside the Embedded browser. Besides the Connector tool, I start my Like and Comment tools as well where I put daily limits to 20-25 likes and 15-20 comments. Also, I am doing some manual comments and likes as well during that period.

Once the 2nd warm-up period is over, and this is the point when your account has been warmed-up for at least 2 months, you can switch to all-automation process.

Of course, you should still use some moderate limits, so, for example, the third phase should last between 1-2 months and during that period of time, you can use 45-50 connections, 25-30 likes, and 15-20 comments.

The fourth phase is increasing the limits slowly and that’s when your accounts should be at least 4 months old. I am usually going with 60-70 connections per day, 30-40 likes, and 20-25 comments per day during that phase. You should use those limits for at least 2 months.

After this phase, you can try increasing the limits even more, but I wouldn’t recommend going with some insane numbers especially when it comes to the Connector tool. I wouldn’t recommend going over 100 connection requests per day, but in my case, most often I leave my limits as in the phase 4.

Hope you’ll find these informations and my method useful and could take advantage of my tips.

Cheers! J


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How are you able to connect to 50 people a day? The current weekly limit is 100.

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How are you able to connect to 50 people a day? The current weekly limit is 100.

Past tense :smiley: You gotta lower down the limits these days a lot… :frowning:

Clould you share 2022 setting ?

Hi !

Are you selling your services to grow accounts ?