How to Submit A Support Request to Instagram - Get Help Signing In

This is what message I get when I log into instagram.

Nope, never had an issue with any accounts before this. I’m not sure what I can do now but wait and hope they email me back :crossed_fingers: i just want the photos and videos of my baby in my archives! :pensive: thanks for your help

I’m sorry to hear you lost access to such a precious account. It really sucks when an account is stuck like that. You can try to reply to that email from IG. Explain to them you never submitted the form for any other accounts, and that you only have one account registered under that email.

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Hi, I lost access to my account two weeks ago due to phishing suspicions and I can’t recover it as I lost access to the registered email and phone number. I’ve tried submitting the support request form from another account but after sending the selfie with the code and whatnot, they write back within minutes to 24hrs saying that I should request support from the account I need help with. What should I do? Are you able to help me? Thank you

Enter the email address associated with the account (1), then enter an email address (2) which is not associated with any IG accounts.

I think you got that reply from IG because you entered an email address that is linked to another existing IG account.

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I still got the same response. What should I do? :frowning: It’s so frustrating

what is the link to reach this page? thanks

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Hi, there’s no link. The only way to access the form is from IG App on the phone where your account was most often logged in. If you’re unlucky, you will not be able to reach the form page. :pensive:

I can get this far, what is strange is my keyboard will not go away after I start typing so I cannot submit the form LMAO

Hi Ossi,

This happened to me with the same situation, I can’t get my email to go down to submit the form. Could you send me your info so I can provide you with my information.

Thank you!!!

Poor @ossi :smiley:

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Can i give you my email ?

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Personal account w/ photos of me


My account was randomly logged out

I have this problem with my account. I get directed to the Help page and absolutely nothing I try works. I have had it for 2 months now and have left the account alone for a few weeks. Tried again and again and again. None of the solutions work. Are you able to help?

it seems this issue only happens on iphone, :pensive: try using your Android phone and see if you can get to the form and submit it,

you can pm me on mpsocial, i need to know the email associated with the account, and the account type,

please send me the info via pm

yes, you can send me your account info via pm

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Hi. I keep being redirected to the help page. Is it possible for u to please help me with filling out the form as well?

Yes, just PM me your account email address and the account type (brand or company account/personal account with photos of you/personal account without photos of you). I will submit it.

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Tysm! Sorry but I’m not sure how to pm on here ?

There you go

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Thank you so much!

please please help me. I lost my account and was wondering if you could fill it out for me because it won’t work for me.

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PLEASE get back to me i need my account back I would appreciate it so so much.