I need help with my Instagram account

I’ve used an app to keep track of people who unfollow me and etc a whole after that account comprised has been popping up every time I try to log in into my ig this has been happening for about a week and a half now and every time I changed my password this morning it popped up as usual and this time it saying we’re having problems changing pw please tryna again later please help me help me with just removing this account comprise thing off of my account for good.

Don’t use those apps anymore, Instagram doesn’t want you do and it’s going to keep happening if you do. If you wait a few days, up to a week before trying to log in again, and then see if you have success getting back into it.

How long have you waited before trying to get back into it? (minutes, hours or days)

I’ve waited a few minutes

And when I first got the message i logged out of the third party app and never used it again but day after day I still kept receiving the account compromised pop up and now it’s not allowing me to change my pw anymore when it pops up so should I just wait for a week ?

I’ve even tried to reset my password to get it to go away but once I reset my password and log in 5 seconds later the account compromised message pops up it’s like you have to reset ya password through the message but when you try to it doesn’t let you what should I do

It could be caused from a) your IP adress or b) your device. Give a try on another internet provider (could be 4g rooting from some friend, or shopping public wifi) to see what happens. Also try another device and see what happens. If you found that the problem is with your device, here in this forum theres some people talking about reset the id of any device, try it.

btw, may nothing of this will help you. Instagram is really stuck in this bug, and theres no reason why. Another people are talking about infinite verification too… 1 Account Comprmised loop 2 Infinite loop "Help us confirm you own this account" 3 Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

Some days ago this happens to me too, all that I did was wait for some ten days. Now its ok.

I am having the same issue for about 7 days now. Were you able to fix?

Were either of you able to fix it?