If Instagram client management became unfeasible, what’s your backup income plan?

Not rlly bro , i have some accs running in local, never had follow block until today.

Kind of like when FB groups posting + CPA was the craze. Then FB caught up and a lot got axed. Did it stop?

Til today, I know some people who make a shit ton of money with the same method. Sure, a few things changed, additional steps to take, etc. But changing the rules and structures doesn’t mean it’s game over.

“It is not the strongest nor the smartest creature that survives. It is the most adaptable to change.” (Heard/read this somewhere, forgot where)

IG will catch up. Then a creative motherfucker will shake things up and create another path. And those who will endure will follow. Those who are too lazy to change will not. In the end, it’s just a laughing matter for those love the grind part of it all.


why should not be feasible. Are you talking about the difficulties in find the right proxies?

You don’t need to quit Instagram client management, you’ll just need to do things the slow, “legit” way like the self-proclaimed gurus write in their articles. You know, post 2 times a day, use 10 hashtags, and then repeat the process until you gain 100 followers after 4 months. As we all know, this doesn’t actually work for new Instagram accounts (it does for big accounts though) but this is actually the standard for managing Instagram accounts for many clients.

One thing to remember is that many people just want to have a presence on Instagram for social proof (typically these are high-value clients who can afford to pay and are willing to pay $400 for “awareness” because someone at a conference told them to get on Instagram for some reason).

If anything, people need to stop targeting the $100 a month clients who just want followers and likes, and they need to start targeting the $300 a month clients who live in California or New York, etc., are over the age of 22, and think $300 a month for a social media manager is a bargain (because it is when you learn that agencies are charging people $1000 a month just to publish posts with generic hashtags to their Instagram account).


This is precisely why I don’t think we’re all intentionally blocked. They mentioned in their research paper that someone would find a way if they did intervene. It would be a waste of their time.

Cheers man, great post to put things in perspective too. I had forgotten about half of those things happening!

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I will sell coconuts on the beach

“al rico coco, coco, helado de coco, coco, al rico coco…”


Ah man. I’m living on the beach in Brazil right now. I see these guys selling and drinking coconuts on the beach every day. They don’t make much money, but they seem so happy and not stressed at all. I’m actually envious of it. Absolute pure freedom.


Im telling you man I’m telling youuu!!


My brothers plan B for if college didn’t work out was to sell beer on a beach in Nassau. We’ve been there a few times and every time there’s a neat little beach shack that we go to. Super cheap, free wifi, and the owner is always super happy. That’s the life right there. Total fulfillment.


HI, thanks for mention. I would say last 2 days - feedbacks are 50/50. Someone has no issues at all, while others are affected.

In spirit of public service, if anyone really thinks IG is done, I’m more than happy to take your “useless” accounts off your hands. I’ll even pay you $0.10 per account

Heck, I’ll even take your clients although I don’t do client management.

It is such a waste of energy to talk about alternatives to something that is far from over…


I appreciate you reaching out and emphasizing. But to be fair Bruce, I don’t think many other people really experienced that issue. Especially not really on mobile proxies. I was completely fine in terms of PVs in March/April.

This is a different story. I wouldn’t go out of my way to basically trash my reputation on this forum if I didn’t think this problem was as bad as it actually seems to be. I think there were some good points brought up in this thread so far regarding alternative income paths and would prefer to keep this thread on that topic and leave the other threads for solving the problem.

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I like u :slight_smile:
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2 tips,

  1. do not spam tags. we come to help but not on demand.
  2. read number 1.

I will reply anyway even with your rudeness.
just wait.

I am not kidding. All these 'sky is falling, end of botting shit-- all figured out in 3 days?
Action comes from knowing to what extent this situation is. @Melon got it all figured out within 72 hours on something that is not over yet, jesus – stop and think. do you really think anyone knows?

it is stupid – and naive to come to dead fast conclusions so suddenly.
will there be a fix? who knows cause we ony see the symptons – we have not seen what different actions will happen and the type we need cuase I will say it one more time
its to fucking early to know anything!@!


I’ll start modeling for soft drink advertisements


no – its target against SMM panels – they admitted that last month.
disabling is the weapon of choice for insta against botters btw.
remember that warning ’ change your password for like and follower services?’
single little bot compamies right now are not the target… put that into your equation
SMM panels are. the ones that make millions per month, producing million of fake likes a month



The original inauthentic activity notice implied it was a war on SMM panels. All the more reason for us to feel optimistic.


these post while I understand many are scared – threads like this really do more harm than good.
kinda like somebody sees smoke in another house – not knowing where it came from, and then going on insta –
house across the street burned, wondering where they are going to live now they are homeless.

hold on, where is the fire? how can it be contained.