Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

I always end on the FAQ’s :frowning:

Just tried this. Seems they’ve cut this off since I can’t access that support form. It gets looped to the help page like the OP dilemma.

Waste a lot of time and effort trying to solve this problem… damn IG!

Does anyone know if you’ve always had to use an email to create an IG account. The account I lost was created in 2013 and I feel like I didn’t even use one, but I’m not sure.

Same issue here. It sure looks like a shadowban. Help?

I just got myself out of the loop today. Here is how I did it, it is actually not very complicated and much more easier then the earlier attempts via proxy.

  1. I signed in to a different account
  2. Then I went to Settings: Log in to an existing account or add acount (my IG is not in English but I think it’s one of those)
  3. Then I entered my account name (the one that is stuck in the loop)
  4. NOW: of course I know my password, but to protect me, Instagram wants me to pretend I don’t know.
    so I press: Forgot Password
    then on: “need further help” or “further help” (again I don’t know exactly due to the fact my IG is in German) its at the bottom
    then my email came, I confirmed it, with a code sent to me
    then my cell phone number confirmed, with a code sent to me via SMS
    then enter a new password
    see if the given data is correct.

And boom… got your original account back. Worked for me. I only created this account on this forum to share this with you guys. I hope I could help you. Have a great Day :slight_smile:


Tried this on one of my main accounts, this works! Thank god for that!

The other scary thing, is one of the accounts I’ve bought (its not in the loop btw). I could choose from a number, OG email (?) and current email. That is very scary since I have no chance to get access to OG email or that number if the person that originaly created the account are taking it back!

The other thing, I used my personal phone number for account I mentioned in the first sentence, do you think if I do this for all accounts that are in the loop, with my personal number would work? And I’m not planning to do all in one go, maybe 1-2 accs every 2-3 days with one number?

Didn’t work for us, took us right back to the Help Center page.

Additionally, no option for Forgot Password was on any screen - just Get Help or Need further help, etc.

If we entered a username of an account not caught up in the loop though, the confirm email/phone page would pop up instead of Help Center.

Maybe it’s just a case-by-case solution.


Instagram just showed the old verification loop to me. Can you guys see this page too?

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I get that too, but with a old number I don’t have anymore…


I got that on 400 ig accs, i think it was ig wave because even accs that was no doing actions got hit by this

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Where do I go to report that I cannot get into my account?

I wish I had that page. All I get is the forced prompt that I need to request help to log in. And that just takes me to the Help page, which is useless.

So was this on your phone or in a laptop browser?

My account is connected to my phone number, but I don’t see the same page as you did. There’s no option to verify my phone number.

How to avoid this at all? The account did not even work, but fell under this problem.

There is still no fix for this problem. If you have the accounts on Jarvee since the beginning, no matter what you do - the screen always goes to FAQ section instead of recovery screen. Got a load of accounts stuck that didn’t get pv from 2017 and now asking for old number. It can happen to anyone though, IG is unpredictable. Best way to secure your account right now would be enter new number and turn on 2fa, otherwise your number gets reverted to old one.

Your best chance is to go to their support.

Hey @tux - just so you know, this thread is actually for the “get help signing in” screen, not the PV.

@jmarie actually lot of get help prompts are this pv now. That’s why i wrote that comment

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