Jarvee connector and Contact via Sales Navigator

Is there any way to Direct Jarvee to use LinkedIn Navigator rather than default LinkedIn for its functions?

I downgraded to premium because of that but Navigator allows you to target so much better and shows more search results for Jarvee to find connections.

Also, if you use Navigator, your LinkedIn Inmail credits go to Navigator but the “Search and Contact Feature” uses standard LinkedIn.


There isn’t a way to use jarvee with navigator…

There have been so many requests for this function so I am hoping the developers will add it soon. It is very important to use sales navigator for client management. It is probably worth requesting this with customer support.

The thread for LinkedIn Requests is here: [Feat. Req. LinkedIn] 📣 Some Features to make MP the best LinkedIn Bot

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The only way currently is to use Phantombuster to scrape Sales Navigator’s results and import profile link to Jarvee. I really hope that Jarvee team improve Linkedin as it’s pretty missing anything cool…

I am told that the development team are adding sales navigator extraction option in the next few weeks

What about the possibility to insert a direct link as surce of connector, so we can defined all the filters from web and then Jarvee will add results’ search?

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You can do that but it doesn’t look as human as a search…

How? Because I cannot find it as source (at least on Jarvee, that should be the same as MP)

You are able to add direct URLs at Connect tool.

Yes, when a normal person does a search on Navigator, they go to Navigator and search, use a saved search in the app (would be great to be able to choose from them) or use a list to connect from…

How familiar are you with other products / software that handle Linked In? And if very familiar, can MP create a dominating product? I like my business w/ MP.

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I’m familiar with just about all of them plus have a few custom bots in addition to what’s already been named…

No worries, really soon we will have everything in-da-house


I’ve looked at pretty much everything that exists out there for LinkedIn. MP could do it but not at the pace they are moving, at this speed the gap keeps increasing. MP fills in a gap that other tools have at the moment, so there’s a use for it alongside the other tools. I remain hopeful though as I also like using MP and am familiar with it and the community.

There is progress being made in MP on core functionality, Ciras mentioned all the great progress so far, but what the future holds in this field is email-marketing like automation (if/then workflows, good campaign management functionality), smart inboxes that help manage leads and deals (how does sentiment analysis sound?), and integration with Webhooks and Zapier - this last one is a must as it allows you to access a whole world of additional functionality. Have not seen any indication that MP will add such functionality but if they do add it, faster than the competition manages to pull ahead, then they have a fighting chance.

Where MP can win out as things stand is to be the most cost-effective and manager-friendly for managing large amounts of accounts at the best price, offering the main functions of connection + follow up messages and some extras without the advanced stuff I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The main drawback to other LI solutions is the use of browser profiles or the expense that comes with cloud hosted services. So MP is definitely still in the game, but it’s not the be-all and end-all tool for LI.

BTW I had a feature request thread for LinkedIn features with a ton of stuff that was being worked on and the the thread seems to have disappeared from the forum. Does anyone know what happened to it?


I saw a bunch of stuff was added… Really like the tagging for imported profiles…

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Another thing is something that allow to send a connection to who comment and send a message to who comment (if it is a connection), there is a tool that do that to create “viral campaign” where people have to comment to redeem a PDF (for example) and helps to grow the account. It would be awesome have somethng like that (probably is just a source-feature, then we can work on it.

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In which version? Jarvee doesn’t have it (or at least I cannot find it)

EDIT: Another tool would be a profile scraper, such as the IG module. That scrape the porfiles looking for emails, details wtc.

Another feature would be API integration with hunter.io etc for lead gen via emails too!


Another message, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a way to suggest features to Jarvee team directly?


One of the higher up moderators in here should be able to pass it on for you! But you’d have to find a way to get their attention, which is unlikely… :expressionless:


@danieladmin here are some suggestions