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Since many of you are doing manual following and unfollowing, I know a lot are now using my method to save posts to collections as described in this post. I highly recommend you read the post, as it also won first place in the MPSocial Spring Giveaway too! (Big thank you to the community).
I wrote about a manual follow method using the Save Posts tool, if you don’t read it, you won’t understand the true potential of these feature requests.

My goal with this post is to share my ideas with everyone, and since JARVEE implements features based on popularity, feel free to copy any of the ideas you find relevant to you, and send them to JARVEE support with the subject line mentioning “Feature Request”, they will then see which features are being requested the most, and may implement them in a future update. (If you do copy it be sure to link this post in the email so they can see what all this is about, and so they can read this other article which inspired most of these.)

NOTE: The methods I describe on how to implement these features are just suggestions, the developers are amazing at what they do, and definitely know the best way to implement any of these.

I’ve mentioned the first method before, but I’m going to add it here in full detail as this is the post where it belongs.

  1. Automatically create new collections to save posts too —FEATURE ADDED ON MAY 7 2020
    I go into JARVEE multiple times a day and manually change the target collection to save to, as well as the number of posts to save for all the clients I use this method with. The feature would work like this:
    a. Fill target collection with a set amount of posts
    b. When it reaches the set number, it will create a new collection and start saving to it

I am also going to use my programming background to add an example of code for this example, just to make it easier for some to understand, this will also make the request clear to the Developers so they will know exactly what is being requested. (The syntax I am using is not correct, this is just a detailed example of how it should work)

**User Defined Fields:**
int i; //sequence of the collection (more info in the last line of code)
int z; //number of posts to save per collection  [could be a random range too, for ex 50-60 posts]
String ColectionName;	//the name of the collection

y = currently selected collection to save to

If # of posts in collection y < z
      Save posts to collection y;
     Create new collection called (ColectionName + i);
	 set y to (ColectionName + i);
	 i++; //this will increment the number by 1 after creating the new collection, so the next
         collection to be created will have a number that is 1+ the previous one

We could go in and change it manually, but when doing this for 20 clients, who want to have at least 3 collections filled daily so they can follow them, it just doesn’t work anymore, as you’d be changing the settings over 60times a day!

  1. Update source follow back ratio when following manually.
  • The downside with following manually is that the follow back ratio wont update, this reduces scraping efficiency since we can’t automatically remove sources that don’t result in a high followback ratio.
  • The way this would work is similar to how the followback ratio works when following/liking.
  • Basically, JARVEE would need to check if the scraped users follow the account back, and update the ratio accordingly. (Considering you setup your scrapers using this method).
  • I believe this is reason this doesn’t currently work; when using the like tool to scrape posts and “Send to extracted posts” is checked, the posts do not show up under the results tab, which is probably why they don’t get monitored for following back, when we use the save posts tool to simplify manual following.
  • How I would fix this: add a followed back column, on the results tab of the save posts tool, as well as link the followback ratio to the like tool which is scraping the posts.
  • An alternative way this can be done (which i doubt will be implemented anytime soon), would be to add the same source options and filters that are available on the like tool, to the save posts tool. This means we wouldn’t have to send the posts to the extracted post tab from the like tool, which inevitably doesn’t monitor follow backs, and that we would do the scraping directly from the save posts tool. We would basically have the save posts tool be a fully loaded tool, similar to how the like and follow tool work.
  1. Limit maximum number of saves per user to x. —FEATURE ADDED ON MAY 7 2020
  • There is an option “Save users most recent x posts”, but this applies to the latest post, and not the entire account.
    Without this feature, a post may be saved from the same user on different days, when a newer post has been published by the target account.
  • When manually following and unfollowing using this method, this can cause problems as a user can be followed, unfollowed, then followed and unfollowed again at later time, this will make the account look “spammy” and “desperate to be followed back” to those who are receiving the follow.
  • There is a similar option on the like tool, it is called “Limit maximum number of likes per user to x”, if we could have that option added to the save posts tool it would be life saver!
  1. Un-save posts from collection/URL
  • You could do this from the phone, this would take a lot of time though, as simply deleting the collection just deletes the collection, the posts will still be saved without a collection.
  • Another nice feature to go with this would be “Un-save post from specific URL” This way, we can take the URLs from the results tab and un-save them all when we need to.
  • There is an option which says “Unsave posts after x hours” but we would have more control if we could select when, and which posts get unsaved, as we don’t want to follow a user, then wait a bit too long, and find that posts are gone and we don’t have a way to unfollow them without going into each user one by one.
  • There is a similar option on the like tool, it is called “Unlike specific posts” it can be found on the like tools source tab.
  1. Fill the “POSTED BY" column on the results tab when saving by URL.
  • Currently, if you are saving posts by URL, the posted by column tab is empty. However, when we use the specific users source, it fills out both the “POSTED BY” and “LINK” columns.

I will personally be sending this entire list to JARVEE soon,
I first wanted to know what you guys think about these options and collect feedback to better improve the list!


Thanks for the detailed working @Hadi

If you can add some extra options to save post segment, will be appreciated @DanielAdmin

Many Thanks!

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This is awesome! This would be really useful, hopefully its added to Jarvee!

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So manual actions are getting smarter with you guys! Keep it up.
I hope Jv team will implement this :star_struck:
Congratulations @Hadi bro for making this platform better sharing ideas. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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really nice Stuff

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Wanted to let you guys know that they added features 1 and 3!
I tested it and it works great!



Hi, on your point number 3, how many days have you selected ?? Also, can you see my post / queries on the main page (earlier pawn of cheap way to save posts without blocks) of this thread and suggest. Thanks

I set the days to 0, this means forever (no limit)

Nice stuff Hadi :+1: :+1:

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