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I’ve never taken the time to read the entire thread. I only dropped-by to clear Brandon’s name at one point but now that it’s gotten here, let me address a few things.

You can bet a cookie for that. I’ll bet my whole business that it’s new. :slight_smile:

You can scour the whole site and you’ll see cases where people, who bought their own sims locally, still failed to receive a code. I guess you’re one of the lucky ones. :slight_smile:

You are a lucky guy! Back when I was doing Twitter, I used new sims and still not receive a code. Is that the number’s fault? Only a fool would think that. :slight_smile:

Thank you for understanding. But I highly doubt that they are having issues with inventory and SIM cards allocation as for that, we’ve already perfected our system.

Oh, one of the unlucky ones. :smiley:

When you put it this way, it really rubs off wrong, sorry.

I checked the logs and out of all the accounts you verified, only 2 didn’t receive their codes. Out of 13 verifications you did, only 2 of our sim cards didn’t receive a code. Please clarify, so people won’t think you tried to verify 1 account and didn’t receive a code. :slight_smile:

Even when I was working without my VAs, I’ve verified thousands of accounts before, all by myself, when I was starting out. So please hear me. :slight_smile:

First off, I think it’s fair to blame the numbers. That’s one variable in the whole IG aging process.

But believe me when I say that I’ve handled dozens of customers who will cry “Your number is bad” when their accounts get banned, when they can’t receive a code, and when IG says ‘Please use a different number.’. All, without looking into other variables – their proxies, their settings, their bio, the profile picture they used, or IG doing an en masse banning.

That’s why when I posted the service, I leaned heavily on targeting customers who are running hundreds to thousands of accounts. Hence, the subscription model. Because they are less of a headache and when little bumps happen, 99% of the time, they don’t bitch about it. They just move on. :slight_smile:

This is a response not in my defense, but a wake up call. Perhaps a way to weed out headache customers as well.

When growing accounts, you are risking a ban. And no matter how careful you are, how virgin your proxy is, how robust your account creation method is, and even if you bought your sim card from the factory that makes it, it can still get banned. Because the system isn’t perfect.

High-rollers know this. Blackhatters know this. That’s why I love BH customers. When they get an error on an account, they just laugh it off. Come tomorrow, they have 10 more accounts.

Before you blame your account banning on any SPECIFIC variable, do your test:

  • Is it my proxy?
  • Is it my accounts provider? If self-created, is it the IP where I created the account?
  • Is it my settings? Am I probably taking things way too fast?
  • Is it my phone number? Did my provider use it on other people’s accounts? Did I use it on several accounts?

I had lots of crazy customers from way back.
*Someone who was using bad proxies and blamed my numbers. When he changed proxy providers, he came back and bought more sim cards. Still a customer to this day.
*Someone who was using one sim card for several accounts. Now, I know this is possible but really? You blame the sim cards for having problems when you’re trying to cut on costs? If you don’t want to get your accounts banned, employ the highest level of safety. I found out that on SMM, if you want the best quality, you need to be ready to pay the price.
*Someone who posted the same pictures on all his accounts. PV hit, all gets banned. (funny story, still having lots of LOLs to this day).

… and a lot more.

Now… do I really care? Nah. Everyone comes back. Why? They shop around, check other providers, and find out how different it is when someone gives you a unique sim card from a provider who doesn’t.

Onto the main point… There are 3 common errors we encounter on a daily basis. May this serve as a checklist if any of your accounts encounter these:

1.) Account Disabled

  • About 90% of my customers who encounter this already know why it happened. So not much discussion needed.
  • 5% aren’t sure and are apologetic, trying not to blame my numbers. In those cases, we help with the best we can to diagnose what’s wrong. Usual problem is their proxies. I see a lot who are using MassProxies and HighProxies. Upon changing, they go back, and the banning stops. In some cases, we really don’t know what’s wrong. They claim proxies are fine and settings are really slow so we just leave them at that. As for why they got banned? It’s a mystery. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • 5% outright blame the numbers. And I get it. When you don’t know what’s wrong, you latch onto the nearest thing. So we offer a full refund and refusal to provide service in the future. NOBODY ever accepted the refund. Which tells you they aren’t sure about the reason. :slight_smile:

2.) Please use a different phone number
*This didn’t happen to me often when I was still doing all the verifications alone. About 6 months ago, I guess. This is only a new thing happening. Still a mystery why. But here are the possible culprits…

  • Phone number was used on a different account. But if you’re seeing the number on your PV screen, attached to your account, why would you think this? If it’s a new number for a new account, then yes, maybe we used your sim card for another person. :slight_smile:
  • Customer is using the number on several accounts. Well, obviously, you’re thinking IG is dumb. Maybe it was. But as it gets more intelligent, shouldn’t it be time you do as well?
  • Customer sent the code multiple times. This is not telepathy, people. When IG sends a code, it takes about 30s up to 2 minutes before you receive it. Patience wouldn’t kill you.
  • A similar phone number was used in the past 24 hours. For example, somebody used +639461234567. Then the number assigned to you is +639461234568. Sometimes, IG wouldn’t allow the PV on the 2nd number. I’ve tested this A LOT with @dzerv before.

3.) Not receiving the code
This is the simplest and 2nd most popular situation we encounter daily. :smiley: Culprits?

  • Phone number has been used on a different account. Maybe we did. Or maybe we didn’t. If it’s a reverification, and the number is still there, then you know the answer to this.
  • PV’d using the API. Even back then, I always advise my customers to use EB. Yes, API is more stable but EB sends the code faster. I personally encountered delays using the API. In some cases, I had to send the code a couple of times just to receive it.
  • IG isn’t sending the code. It happens. Even with the local sims you buy on your town. The solution is to just wait at least 24 to 48 hours. Then try to PV again. It usually works.

I am usually a polite man. But whenever the quality of the service we provide is at stake, I can’t help but wonder why people who only bought so few or who never bought at all are the first ones to prejudge.

I have dozens of happy customers who never had a problem. I only have about a handful who either doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing or are too much of an expert to conclude things that are obviously a folly.

Once I fix the few kinks that need fixing, I’d like to implement something else… to make sure nobody else bets a cookie and loses it. :slight_smile:

Unpacking videos. :slight_smile:

For customers who request it, we will provide a video of us showing the SIM cards sealed, showing the phone numbers (so they know we are opening the SIM cards whose numbers were assigned to them), as well as showing us opening the SIM packs, storing the SIM cards on a container with the customer’s name (how we do our inventory) and how we insert this on our phones for verification.

Come at me. I’ll empty your cookie jar. :wink:


As @kraadnc mention me in the post i would like to comment also.
I am one of his first customers , have bought a lot of numbers and worked ok for me.
Now with his site/service and them team he is available 24/7 which is amazing.
The problem is not with his numbers. I have mixed my accounts with his sims and with local sim cards (that i am sure that are 100% unused at least for 1 year ) and i am facing same problems with both…
Last days code is not received or change your number e.t.c
Just rest your account for 1-2 days and try again … this worked in the past at 90%
Most of the times the problem is with the quality of the accounts or the proxies



Yep, @kraadnc Definitely has one of the or the best verification services ever haha. I was up at 3:30 am last night adding multiple accounts to MP and was pretty happy when I got a pv haha, Went again to go and verify. There was happily a VA standing by and I was able to verify my account! Sadly the account was banned for whatever reason, But I know it was’t the sims because of the quality of account I had just bought them as im testing a new private provider.(results in journey in 5 days)

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OR…I’m in Southeast Asia right now. I can buy a bunch and send to the homies :slight_smile:

would they work in the US?

Does anyone know where i can buy dedicated USA numbers with reverify option?

I am running lots of accounts with USA proxies, but the numbers are from the Philippines. No problems.

If you need USA numbers, its going to be much more costly. Hs3x provides USA numbers $5/month. They only provide virtual numbers which is more risky since the majority are blacklisted by Instagram and other social media platforms.


If you need USA numbers, its going to be much more costly. Hs3x provides USA numbers $5/month. They only provide virtual numbers which is more risky since the majority are blacklisted by Instagram and other social media platforms.

I personally use SpeedyVerify.com which is much cheaper, their numbers are from real SIM cards from the Philippines, and they are always available. I have had no problems verifying my USA accounts using the Philippine numbers.


When was the last time you used them for PV?

^^^^ Follow these steps +1

Last time I used their service was about 3 days ago. I attempted to verify some accounts today, but they were offline. They have been offline periodically through the last few days. It sucks, but its still better than other providers who are only online when I am sleeping.

I have asked why they have been offline lately, and I I heard there has been some problems with customers lately due to the MassPlanner getting shutdown chaos, so they have been very busy responding to customers. In addition to this, they are expanding and training some more VA’s to keep up with the demand. They are doing an amazing job for a less than 30 day old company.

This problem solved when I have spoken to @kraadnc. I think it’s just important to give the right expectations during the PV even with the automated system. But hopefully they will get there. They will.

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Thanks for sharing… Very useful, indeed.

Can someone recover an Instagram account by only having access to the number attached, but not the username or email?
So basically what I’m asking is if the phone verification service can recover all accounts using its service (not saying any of the listed services would do so).

the original email account used to register the IG account is the only sure way to recover your accounts if they are hacked or banned
original email address is given priority over phone number verification if there’s a dispute over ownership (for example, you own the original email address and a hacker changed the phone number to his)

that’s unless if your account is registered only with a phone number and no email address

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Yes it is completely possible to recover an account just using a phone number. BUT if you have access to the creation email address, you will be instantly notified that someone recovered your account with the phone number, and you can click the link in the email to recover your account back. Once you have the account back, change the phone number, and password and your safe :slight_smile:

@PortraitPhotography tagged you so you can read this also :slight_smile:


So pretty much there is zero way to protect/recover the account you bought if you dont have the original email right? Better to ditch the accounts than risk growing them for someone else, right?

yes, exactly. you need to be cautious about this

Thank you for the confirmation. Time to start over

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