Logout from embedded browser when follow using embedded browser is blocked

Are people using this feature at all and does it help with the current issues?

Yes we use it
Yes it may help

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I am using this, but I keep getting accounts not logged in. Should I leave this on?

Hi, Are you still using this feature?

I’ve been trying this feature on a few accounts, but with limited success. Still getting temp blocks fairly regularly.

My dear @deathpriest

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Hi, Me too… how often does your account still get temp blocks? LIke how many days or hours it’s running then again experience it again.

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It varies between accounts, and I have them back off with quite long waits if they get temp blocks so if they fail one day I won’t let them try for at least a day. Doing that they sometimes work for a few days without blocks, then get blocks for a few days etc etc. No real pattern that I’ve managed to work out yet I’m afraid!

How about you?

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When you say few days… Thats how many days are you referring? Can you give a range?

Same it kept recurring but usually I let it wait for 24H. Although some accounts get compromised even when doing so.

Do you suggest making it 48H? Rest before relogging in and continue?