Mass IG accounts creating


I would like to massively create Instagram accounts. I tried a lot things and none of them worked. I keep receiving the famous “We protect our community” answer. Tried to do it with the phone but it only works once in 3 tries, same with the computer, and when I use automatisation, it doesn’t work at all. I tried the guide explained in " [[GUIDE] [2019] rocket Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!", still doesn’t work. I feel cornered and I don’t really know where to look to find more information.

Buying accounts is possible but again, I feel like they will all be banned within the next weeks if I use automatisation to implement the Mother Slave strategy.

I also know that it takes a lot to find a solution and really be successful, but if anyone has a single clue on where to look or a point that should be deepened, I would really be grateful.

You can always find VA that will do it for you, thats what I did


@Shoka I just think what normally would have worked before, may be a little bit more difficult now due to all these changes with Instagram. Have you tried using a different device? With all these new changes, you’re gonna have to get creative.

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What/Who is VA ?

Bump IG is banning every new account I make. Ive tried different computers with different IP addresses, proxies still getting banned.

virtual assistant working per XYZ accounts or hourly

I would say at this point, buying accounts would probably be better.

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Of course not hahaha !
(That’s what i do tho…)

what emails are you using for your new accounts?
What niche do you need the slaves for?

Check this.

I’ve created about 30 accounts successfully using the jarvee account creator, and then warming them up for about at least a month or two

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Account creating now is much harder then before - but if done right they are more bulletproof

I’m guessing that guide shared above is for lvl2 only? Ahhh.

Do you use a tool such as Jarvee to create? What about SK? Perhaps that’s a good one to try.

creating accounts using jarve is not ideal, if you’re looking for decent quality accounts follow the steps in this guide.

[GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!

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Instagram is getting smarter with IP intelligence, so any proxies will be detected.

On top of that, 4G connections have similar IP ranges since they are using the same cell tower. If you are using this you can travel somewhere else and you will be able to create accounts.

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Thanks a lot. So as I understand, this still requires you to have your own proxies for them running them on something like Jarvee or SK, right? What’s the next step to setting them up on Jarvee, Sk, etc?

Would you recommend this method for 200+ accounts, too?


Try @Andrei :+1:

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